General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO Mains- IBPS PO Mains GK PDF

General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO Mains

General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO Mains- Download online IBPS PO Mains GK PDF featuring IBPS PO Mains expected GK questions with solutions

General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO Mains

General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO Mains- IBPS PO Mains is just 4 days away and we predict that students must be well prepared for the exam. Considering surprises in IBPS PO Prelims this year, some changes are also expected in IBPS PO Mains pattern 2017. Students must be mentally prepared to deal with any pattern change in a calm manner and give their best. If a candidate is prepared as per IBPS PO syllabus, he/she can perform well in the exam. IBPS PO mains exam date is 26th November 2017. Students should verify the details of exam venue and details from IBPS PO mains admit card 2017. ]In the last few days of preparation, students are searching for GK questions and answers asked in IBPS PO mains. To help you with IBPS PO mains general awareness preparation, we bring you General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO Mains- an article which features questions from domains like banking, sports, national & international affairs, sports, entertainment, banking and finance, economics, polity, etc. If you haven’t downloaded your IBPS PO mains admit card yet, download it from IBPS official website.


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Before moving on the IBPS PO mains general awareness questions, let us take a look at the IBPS PO mains exam pattern for general awareness-

IBPS PO Mains General Awareness Syllabus & Important Topics

We give you details of IBPS PO mains syllabus for general awareness with weightage of topics-

  1. Financial Awareness (13- 14 questions)
  2. Current Affairs (7-9 questions)
  3. Static GK/ General Knowledge (5- 10 questions)

Make sure you attempt general awareness quiz for IBPS PO mains to enhance your preparation!

General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO Mains- Expected GK Questions for IBPS PO Mains

Given below are some of the GK questions asked in IBPS PO mains. You can refer to these questions for getting an idea of pattern asked. You can also expect a few questions to be repeated from previous years-

Q. Name the Indian origin campaigner who was named UK’s most influential black person of the year.
(a) Enver Surty
(b) Ebrahim Patel
(c) Gina Miller
(d) Jay Naidoo
(e) Pravin Gordhan
Q. According to the Credit Suisse report, what is the ranking of India in the family-owned businesses across the country?
(a) 5th
(b) 3rd
(c) 8th
(d) 6th
(e) 10th
Q. Up to what percent State Bank of India has slashed Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) charges?
(a) 80%
(b) 75%
(c) 70%
(d) 65%
(e) 60%
Q. World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is observed globally on ___________.
(a) 25 October
(b) 27 October
(c) 30 October
(d) 14 October
(e) 28 October
Q. As per the Reserve Bank of India, BBPS will initially accept utility bill payments such as-
(a) Telephone Bill
(b) Electricity Bill
(c) DTH services
(d) All of the Above
(e) None of the given options is true
Q. NSDL is the first and largest depository in India, established in-
(a) August 2003
(b) August 1991
(c) August 1989
(d) August 1999
(e) August 1996
Q. A Public Provident Fund (PPF) account holder can deposit a maximum of-
(a) 1.5 Lakhs
(b) 2.5 Lakhs
(c) 1.0 Lakh
(d) 3.5 Lakhs
(e) 5.0 Lakhs
Q. The travel guide company Lonely Planet has ranked ___________ as the number one country to visit in 2018 in its Best in Travel 2018 list.
(a) Denmark
(b) Singapore
(c) Chile
(d) Switzerland
(e) Paris
Q. Name the Gulf country that has committed for the first time that it will introduce a minimum wage for workers in the country.
(a) Qatar
(b) UAE
(c) October
(d) Oman
(e) Saudi Arabia
Q. With the Tourism Promotion Board of which country, GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd (GHIAL) has signed the MoU to promote tourism?
(a) Mauritius
(b) Singapore
(c) Switzerland
(d) Malaysia
(e) Sri Lanka
Q. Which of the following country has become the first country in the world to give citizenship to a robot?
(a) Qatar
(b) Oman
(c) Saudi Arabia
(d) Chile
(e) Azerbaijan
Q. Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India, was assassinated in-
(a) 1961
(b) 1991
(c) 1981
(d) 1971
(e) 2001
Q. Rabindranath Tagore is also known as?
(a) Guruji
(b) Mahamana
(c) Gurudev
(d) Netaji
(e) Mahatma
Q. Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research has established in 1971, is located at?
(a) Indore, Madhya Pradesh
(b) Kolkata, West Bengal
(c) Trombay, Maharashtra
(d) Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu
(e) Surat, Gujarat
Q. In October 2017, Cricket Association of which among the following state/UT was chosen by the Committee of Administrators (CoA) as an associate member of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)?
(a) Assam
(b) Puducherry
(c) Goa
(d) Chandigarh
(e) Himachal Pradesh

Q. Which country will host the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup?

A. Germany

B. Russia

C. France

D. England

Q. Who among the following has won the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Award 2017?

A. Ayo Fayose

B. BukolaSaraki

C. Bola Tinubu

D. Zannah Mustapha

Q. Which Country hosted the first BIMSTEC Disaster Management Exercise?

A. Bangladesh

B. India

C. Myanmar

D. Thailand

Q. RBI has constituted a High Level Task Force on Public Credit Registry (PCR) for India. This task force is headed by:

A. Y M Deosthalee

B. Rajiv Kumar

C. Rajesh Mehrishi

D. YashwantSinha

Q. The Government of India has signed a loan agreement with Asian Development Bank to continue a series of fiscal reforms in the state of:

A. Andhra Pradesh

B. West Bengal

C. Tamil Nadu

D. Gujarat

Q. The 30th edition of CORPAT exercise was recently held between Indian and Indonesian Navy. CORPAT stands for ?

A. Controlled Patrolling

B. Coordinated Patrolling

C. Coordinated Patrol

D. Controlled Patrol

Q. United Nations Day is observed every year on:

A. 23rd October

B. 24th October

C. 25th October

D. 26th October

Q. The World Development Information Day is observed every year on:

A. 23rd October

B. 24th October

C. 25th October

D. 26th October

Q. ITBP has been deployed to guard India’s border at:

A. China

B. Bhutan

C. Nepal

D. Pakistan

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Q. Sibi George has been appointed as the Ambassador of India to:

A. Japan

B. Switzerland

C. Denmark


Q. With reference to environment, RET stands for:

A. Renewable Energy Technology

B. Resource, Energy and Technology

C. Reusable Energy Trick

D. Renewable and Efficient Technology

Q. Who is the Chairman of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)?

A. Sudhir Gupta

B. R S Sharma

C. Hemant Contractor

D. R K Sinha

Q. Paika Rebellion took place in:

A. Bihar

B. Odisha

C. Madhya Pradesh

D. Madras

Q. The raising day of Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) is observed on:

A. 23rd October

B. 24th October

C. 25th October

D. 26th October

Q. South Asia’s first Ro-Ro ferry service in India has been inaugurated in:

A. Maharashtra

B. Gujarat

C. Tamil Nadu

D. Kerala

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