Format for formal Letter Writing & Tips for SSC MTS Descriptive exam

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Format for formal Letter Writing & Tips for SSC MTS Descriptive exam

Format for formal Letter Writing & Tips for SSC MTS Descriptive exam

Dear aspirants,

Formal Letter Writing is  an important part of SSC MTS Descriptive Examination. One must give enough time to practice and to know the important aspects of formal writting. A formal letter must be taken seriously because it is written for business and official purpose.

We are going to provide you with the format of a formal letter and explai it with the help of an example.

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Format of Any Formal Letter:

Sender’s address  – on the left top corner of the page.

Date – Just below sender’s address.

Receiver’s address Salutation  – (sir, ma’am) if not sure about gender just write ‘sir’

Subject – Mention the problem in 6 to 8 words

Body of letter – 3 to 5 paragraphs

  1. Intro
  2. Main Content
  3. Conclusion

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully/truly


Note: if your not mentioned in the question just write ABC or XYZ. Do not write your name)

Example:  You are Yukti, write a letter to the editor of a newspaper complaining about Irregular and Inadequate bus service in my area.

Formal Letter:

House no. 121

Cambridge Layout, Bangalore (Karnataka)



The Editor

The Hindu



Subject: Irregular and Inadequate bus service in my area.

I am Yukti, a resident of Cambridge Layout, through the esteemed column of your newspaper I want to draw the attention of transport authorities towards the hardship faced by residents of Cambridge Layout

Every day many people take bus from Cambridge layout to their workplace and many students also travel to their Schools, Coaching and Colleges in buses. But the existing facilities are far from meeting the requirement of people.

Most of the buses are preoccupied with the passengers from other areas by the time they reach our Layout and they accommodate very few people of our area.

The situation is worse at peak hours because most of the buses do not even stop in our area and people get late for their work. The authorities are requested to introduce new buses to start from Cambridge Layout as it would be a huge help to public.

I hope you will publish my letter in your esteemed newspaper and bring this problem to the concerned authorities.

Thanking You.

Yours Faithfully



(Concerned Citizen)

Tips to write an Impactful formal letter:

There are some points which should be taken care while writing a formal letter.

  • You cannot use contracted forms like didn’t, couldn’t instead use did not, could not etc.
  • You cannot use idioms in a formal letter.
  • Phrasal verbs ( A verb which has preposition like Find out, Go up) should not be used in a formal letter.
  • Imperatives like Do your work, send it soon should not be used in a formal letter.

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