Format for Essay Writing Tips for SSC MTS Descriptive Test

Format for Essay Writing Tips for SSC MTS Descriptive Test - Tips & Tricks

Format for Essay Writing Tips for SSC MTS Descriptive Test – Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to write SSC MTS Descriptive Test

Format for Essay Writing Tips for SSC MTS Descriptive Test

The Descriptive Paper II for SSC MTS 2016 will be held from 28th January 2018. You must qualify the descriptive paper in order to go through the next stage. To help you with your preparation, we have brought a format that will help you to write Essay in SSC MTS.

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SSC MTS Paper II Exam Pattern 2017 – Descriptive Paper

Subject Max
Short Essay/Letter in English
or any Language included in
8th Schedule of Constitution
50 30

The format for Essay Writing Tips for SSC MTS Descriptive Test: Languages in which the SSC MTS Paper can be written: The SSC MTS Descriptive test can be written in almost 25 languages.  Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Dogri, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Malayalam, Manipuri,, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Santhali, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Telugu, Urdu, English.

A good essay comprises of three parts, namely IntroductionEssay Body, and Conclusion. Let’s look at the various steps and process involved in writing the essay.

Format for Essay Writing – Introduction

  • The introductory paragraph can captivate the reader. But do not write your conclusions in the first paragraph.
  • Be as creative as possible.
  • Include quotes from famous people
  • Be very creative while writing the introductory para, try to infuse quotations by famous writers, it will help you sail through the topic easily.
  • The introduction has great influence on a reader’s mind so put all your central ideas but do not explain them.

The format for Essay Writing Tips for SSC MTS Descriptive Test:

Format for Essay Writing – Essay Body

  • Your Essay is like a puzzle. You must join and put all the pieces together.
  • Give your understanding of the subject and do not hesitate to share real-life experiences on the issue.
  • It is advisable to divide your essay into 4 paragraphs, but it depends on you.
  • 1st Paragraph – Start with an introduction to the topic. Do not make all your arguments in the first paragraph.

2nd Paragraph – Write your thorough understanding of the subject. Give both sides of the argument. Write on both weak and strong points on the issue regardless of what you support or feel. Do not conclude the argument here.

3rd Paragraph – Involve the weak points of the argument or the subject

4ht Paragraph – Conclude by saying what you believe. Do not get very biased or personal if the topic is controversial. Just maintain a balanced view of getting into polarized views.

  • Plan your essay before writing. Do not go into topics or territories you are unsure of. You can develop this skill only by reading.
  • The Essay body and content should have a lot to say. Do not beat around the bush with conjunctions like andbutif, etc. It takes your essay nowhere.

Format for Essay Writing – Conclusion

  • Conclude all your opinions in the last paragraph.
  • Do not conclude on multiple viewpoints. For example, if the topic is “Technology – Boon or Bane” Do not say that is both boon and a bane. Conclude by saying that it could either be one of those. If you feel it boon, write it is a boon. Though the body of the text could consist of you weighing down on both the positive and negative aspects of technology. Conclude or state your opinion on only one viewpoint. Do not confuse in the end.
  • Write on the central idea and do not beat around the bush by repeating the same things again and again.

Format for Essay Writing Tips for SSC MTS Descriptive Test:

Tips on Essay Writing – SSC MTS Descriptive Test 2017

  1. Read a Lot! It is the only thing that will help you in the descriptive paper.
  2. Do not write very long sentences.
  3. Enhance your vocabulary.
  4. A good method that will go as part of your preparation, is to maintain a diary and write down your thoughts. It will make writing an everyday habit for you and thus make this paper an easy task.
  5. You can write the SSC MTS Descriptive paper in more than 20 languages.
  6. Follow all rules of grammar while writing.
  7. Align all text to the left-hand side of the paper. Do not write in the center.

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We have provided an example of the essay for those who are preparing for SSC MTS descriptive paper.

Format for Essay Writing Tips for SSC MTS Descriptive Test:  Sample Essay for SSC MTS Descriptive Paper

This is a good example of an essay for those who are writing SSC MTS exam.

Role of Agriculture in Development of India

India has always been an agrarian economy. It is one of the largest exporters of agricultural produce. Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy. Despite the country’s recent shift towards being services driven, India continues to be an agrarian economy. India has come a long way and agriculture has contributed a great deal to the Indian GDP.

Even today, despite so many cities and tier 1 and tier 2 cities, a majority of the Indian population depend on agriculture or trade of agricultural products for their livelihood. Agriculture plays a major role in the day to day life the Indian public. Right from the farmer, to the agriculture produce that makes its way to cities, agriculture enters our lives when we visit the kitchen. Thanks to the food we eat every day, if not for the Indian farmer this would not have been possible. Agriculture contributes to 26% of India’s GDP. Even though Industrialization and services sector goes to help the country in a big way – it is agriculture that has sustained us till now. India earns a great deal in foreign exchange by exporting tea, tobacco, spices, coffee, etc.

India is a role model for every developing country because of the efficient management of its agriculture. India ranks high in the manufacture of sugarcane and groundnuts. It stands at a 2nd position when it comes to producing rice, staple cotton, and 3rd position when it comes to the production of tobacco.

Indi accounts for 2.4% of the world land area known for its farmlands. Agriculture is a significant contributor to the Indian exchequer with the sale of commodities, land revenues and agricultural equipment.

Agriculture is also a great wealth creator as several Indians have become rich selling agricultural produce. Apart from Industrialization, every country needs agriculture for growth and Indian farmers and Rural India contributes its fair share. We need a revolution in agriculture pioneered by great people.

Dr. Verghese Kurien pioneered the Milk Revolution by creating various milk co-operatives and successfully creating employment across India for dairy farmers. Now, it’s time we have advancements in agriculture.

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