What Food to Eat Before and During Exams

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What Food to Eat Before and During Exams – See Now.

What Food to Eat Before and During Exams

Do you skip meals when you are preparing for exams? Or do you keep munching on snacks every moment while studying? Well, both of the cases can cause problems – not only for your health but also your exam performance. Yes, if you didn’t know it before, know it now. Your eating habits and pattern can affect your brain performance and focus. Furthermore, certain foods help boost your memory as well as the functioning process. Keeping these points in mind, we have crafted this article on What Food to Eat Before and During Exams, just for you. Scroll down to read more details.

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Let’s Talk Statistics!

Our brain uses 50 % of the fat content we consume. It uses – 40 % water, 35 % vitamins, and 20 % water in our body. As you can see, it requires fat content in a high amount to function properly. But when we say fats – we are not talking about trans-fat and unhealthy fat sources. Do not be misled into thinking that oily and processed food will help you perform better.

Go nuts!

We advise you to go for nuts as these are high in healthy fat content. You can choose from the varieties available – almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews, and more. However, please note that peanut is not a nut – though the name misleads us. It’s advisable not to eat the ones with mold growth on it, which can even be fatal.

Slow is Fast!

Include slow-release energy foods in your diet such as muesli, oats, whole grain bread. It will be especially beneficial if you have them during breakfast.

A King’s Breakfast

Have a hearty meal after you wake up. You spend almost 10 hours after dinner time without consuming anything. To counteract this, it’s important you start your day with a meal that includes all the components – fruits, vegetables, grains, water, protein food groups, and fatty foods. This will ensure you stay energized and focused for a long time. And always remember that it is the most important meal of the day – never skip it!

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Water = Elixir!

It’s very important you stay hydrated – if you don’t, you have a high chance of losing focus, feeling dizzy, and performing poor, as a result. And note that coffee and tea is not an alternative to water. These may fill you but are, indeed, dehydrating products. You can also drink fruit juice but avoid high-sugar drinks.

Chocolates are Love!

Yes, dark chocolates are not just your favorite, it seems. The brain loves it too! It enhances your memory, focus, and reduces stress. So, go ahead and skip the guilt!

Munch on Green Leafy Veggies

You need to have a healthy portion of green vegetables daily. Include spinach and broccoli most importantly. You might not realize it but these food groups heal your brain and makes it function better.

What Not to Eat During Exams

We recommend you to avoid processed and packaged foods. These will fill your stomach but have almost 0 nutrient content. Even if you can’t control snacking, keep it to a minimum level.

And eat small portions frequently instead of having a few large meals. This will help you avoid getting drowsy and hungry. This habit will help you watch your weight as well!

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So, tell us, did you find our post on What Food to Eat Before and During Exams helpful? Then, keep visiting us regularly for more exam tips. And do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. ‘Cause your opinion matters!


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