What is Toprankers?

Toprankers is an e-learning platform which gives an opportunity to students to come and practise test as many times as he/she wants.

Is it possible to give test just for a particular topic?

Yes, our whole content is divided into different sections of the exams and further to various topics. In case you would like to practise test just for a particular section or a particular chapter you could just select that and click “Take Test”.

Is toprankers free for a limited time?

No, once you register you are eligible to access all the content free of charge. Our premium content will be paid which we’ll be launching in near future.

Do all questions have solutions?

Yes, all questions will have detailed solutions. Our authors work diligently to make sure that all the questions on website have proper and detailed solution.

I didn’t understand a solution. What should I do?

While we have tried to ensure that the solution are apt and to-the-point, in case still you find any difficulty in understanding a solution, would request you to kindly drop a mail to us along with screenshot of the question and solution. Our Author’s will get in touch with you to better explain the solution.

I think the solution on website is wrong. What should I do?

We have ensured all the solutions on our website are thoroughly checked before they are uploaded in the database. However, in case you find a wrong solution, would request you to kindly click on “Report Error” on solution page and we’ll re-check the solution of the same.

I’m already attending coaching classes. Should I come to Toprankers?

Definitely. Coaching classes concentrate more on making the students understand the concept. There focus is less on giving practise test. Students attending coaching can come back home to give test for topics which were covered in class.

What are notes? Are they enough to study the chapters?

Notes contain the gist of chapters. Although they cover the complete topics in a chapter, one should not treat them as a replacement for comprehensive books.

I have a query in a question, from another source. Can toprankers help?

We understand a student prepares from various sources to prepare for the competitive exams. In case you have a query in a question which is not on toprankers website, would request you to kindly use our discussion forum. Your query might be answered by fellow student or our in-house teachers.

Can I compare my analytics of current test vis-a-vis a previous test I gave?

Currently all analytics are recorded in our database. After giving a particular test you can call analytics of a previous test in same section.

I have already joined many test series. Why is Toprankers required?

Unlike other test series packages, Toprankers offers you unmatched analytics giving details of your weak areas, time management and improvement areas. Adding to that, Toprankers is used by a large student community with whom you can compare, discuss and get feedback

Will Toprankers interfere with my coaching class preparation?

Toprankers is a supplement to classroom learning. Practice is a pre-requisite for excellence in competitive exams. You will need to constantly practice questions and track progress. Toprankers empowers you to do this and much more by yourself.