Expert tips to crack MAT 2016

How to prepare for MAT 2016 EXAM ?

The MAT exam alias Management Aptitude Test is an imperative exam as it helps various MBA aspirant students to get in through some nice colleges after scoring a good score.

Only a few days are left for the Management Aptitude Test and before going through the entire syllabus all over again, it is important to read the expert tips and strategies that will you help out in coming out with flying colors.

Below are some of the few tips that would boost up your confidence before sitting for this exam.

  • Keep yourself up to date

Make it mandatory that you read newspapers, watch television news or download the e-paper application on your phone and enhance your knowledge through it. Having a complete knowledge of Current affairs is important and it is the key to success

  • Have the complete awareness of the developments that are taking place in the corporate world

There is a section in the exam which is ‘Indian and Global Environment Section’, if you read the business magazines, watch various business channels then it would not take much efforts for you to crack this entrance exam

  • Do a thorough revision

Prepare some crisp notes and start with the revision process as the exam date approaches

Have a look on the below table which comprises of all the sections, the number of questions that appear in each section and the time suggestion that you need to give to each section. This shall surely help in your time management process.

Section Number Section Number of Questions Suggested Time (mins)
1 Language Comprehension 40 30
2 Mathematical skills 40 40
3 Data Analysis and Sufficiency 40 35
4 Intelligence and Critical Reasoning 40 30
5 Indian and Global Environment 40 15
Total 200 150


Now, let’s have a look on some of the last minute tips for MAT 2016 that you need to keep in mind on the day of your exam

  1. Before proceeding make sure that you are sure about the answer that you are answering
  2. Don’t waste time on lengthy questions
  3. Make intelligent guesses and use elimination method in order to deploy selection
  4. Words like ‘all’, ‘some’, ‘none’ must be given special attention
  5. Answer maximum questions but sure of the negative marking as well. Plan accordingly.

Prepare MAT exam by referring these above tips.


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