English Grammar Handwritten Notes 2020 PDF Download

All Government examinations & private competitive exams test candidates on their English Language skills. It has become very important for the youth of the country to be proficient in writing & communicating in English in order to crack competitive exams. Download the English Grammar Handwritten Notes PDF from the link mentioned below in order to improve your Grammar.

 English Grammar Handwritten Notes 2020

It is essential to be fluent in English Grammar when it comes to cracking competitive examinations like SSC CPO, CGL, IBPS, RBI, etc.

Handwritten notes have good readability making them easier to understand. The notes cover important English Grammar Topics. Students can revise multiple times from them

  • Attempting the Daily General English Quiz will help the candidates to succeed in the competitive exams. These quizzes will increase the speed and accuracy of the candidates in the actual exam.
  • It is very important to practice Grammar when it comes to the English Section of the competitive papers.
  • Practice the English Language with high-quality ebooks/books that consists of most of the portions of the syllabus such as Word Power Made Easy.
  • In this post, we have provided English Grammar Handwritten Notes for Competitive Exams PDF. The notes can be read and shared easily by anyone.
  • Studying from the expert prepared Study Material & Notes PDF will clear the basics of the student and help clear the English section easily.
  • To understand concepts in a better way, there are a lot of examples given in the English grammar notes PDF.

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English Grammar Handwritten Notes PDF Download

The English handwritten Notes PDF will take you through all important topics in the examination. Along with examples, the handwritten notes will also provide questions that you can practice with. Download the English Notes PDF for Grammar & Vocabulary section from the link below.

English Grammar Handwritten Notes PDF (All Topics)

English Topics Weightage for SSC Exams

SSC CGL English PDF Notes covers all topics like idioms and phrases, synonyms, antonyms, active and passive voice, one-word substitution, error detection, and more. Download the Free Synonyms Antonyms PDF to know the most commonly asked questions and difficulty level of the exam. Go through the important English topics and their weightage in various SSC Exams from the table below-

Topics  SSC CGL Weightage SSC CHSL Weightage SSC CPO Weightage
Rearrangement 2-3 2 1
Reading Comprehension 3-5 2 5
Fillers (single) 3-4 2 3-4
Error Detection 1-2 2 4-5
Idioms and Phrases 2 2-3 6-7
Synonyms 2 2-3 5-6
Antonyms 2 1-2 5-6
Active Passive 2 2-3 4-6
One word substitution 2-3 2 1-2
Sentence Improvement 3 2-4 7-8
Narration 3
Cloze test 2-3 5 4
Misspelt 1-2 1 7

English Topics Weightage for Banking Exams

Go through the important English topics and their weightage in various Banking Exams from the table below-

Topics   SBI PO Weightage  IBPS PO Weightage  IBPS SO Weightage SBI Clerk Weightage
Rearrangement 2-3 2 1
Reading Comprehension 7-10 questions 7-10 questions 10-15 questions 10 questions
Fillers (single) 3-4 2-3 3-4 5
Error Detection 5-10 2-3 5-10 5
Idioms and Phrases 4-5 4-6 6-7 5
Synonyms 2-3 2-3 5-6 2-3
Antonyms 2-3 2-3 5-6 2-3
Active Passive 2 4 4-6 5
One word substitution 2-3 3 1-2 5
Sentence Improvement 3 2-4 0-5 5
Cloze test 5-10 questions 3-5 5-10 5
Misspelt 1-2 2 7

Commonly Asked English Questions with Answers(Topic-wise)

Our SSC English Notes PDF covers all topic-wise questions asked in the English Language. Some of the commonly asked Topics in English along with the Question-answers are provided in the table below in PDF formats, go through them-

Common Error Common Error Questions and Answers PDF
Sentence Improvement Sentence Improvement Questions and Answers PDF , Sentence Improvement Questions and Answers PDF 2
Synonyms Synonyms PDF
Fill in the Blanks Fill in the Blanks PDF

What is the English Language Syllabus 2020?

In government examinations, the English section covers the following topics –

  • Cloze Test
  • Error Spotting
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Para Jumbles
  • Double Fillers
  • Fill In The Blanks
  • Paragraph Completion
  • Grammar

Why go for English Language Handwritten Notes?

As per the experts, there are many advantages by going through the English Grammar Notes for Competitive Exams PDF and those are as follows:

  • Handwritten Notes provide better readability.
  • The language used to explain topics is informal and easier to understand.
  • With the help of handwritten notes, candidates can understand difficult topics with ease and practice along with it.
  • The notes will help clear all your doubts and enhance your preparation levels of the language.

English Grammar Rules

While practising for Grammar topics, there are certain rules and regulations to be followed. It will easier for candidates to answer any question if understood the question properly and answered them with the correct format. Check out the below PDF to know that important rules to attempt English Grammar Questions

Download Free English Grammar Notes PDF

Topics Covered in English Grammar Handwritten Notes

English Notes for SSC CGL PDF covers all the basic rules of the grammar and provides examples for each topic. The following topics are covered in the English Grammar Handwritten Notes PDF:

Verb Agreement

A verb is a word used to describe an action, state or occurrence.

Example- He is going. Here in this sentence “is” an auxiliary verb and “go” is the main verb.

Main Verbs

Transitive Verbs – Where Objects are used with the verb are known as Transitive Verbs.

Example- I hit the ball. Here “Hit” is the transitive verb.

Explanation- In this sentence action is not limited to the subject. It is passing over to the Object “Ball”.

Intransitive verb- In this, the action is limited to the subject and it does not pass over to the Object.

Example- He sleeps on the bed.


(i). Proper Noun– A proper noun refers to the name of a person, place or thing.

Example- Gautam is my friend. He lives at Rewari.

(ii.) Common Noun– A common noun refers to a person, place or thing in a general sense. It is not the name of any particular person or thing or place.

Example- He is the king of the state. The nearest town is 30 km away from here.

(iii.) Collective Noun– A collective noun is the name of a group of persons or things taken together and spoken of as whole or as a unit.

Example- The Jury has taken its decision. The flock of geese spends most of its time in the pasture.

(iv.) Material Noun– A material noun is the name of metal or substance of which things are made of/ made from.

Example- Vikram got his furniture made of teak wood. Paper is made from grass.

(v.) Abstract Noun– It refers to the name of quality, action or state.

Example- Honesty is the best policy.

(vi) Countable Noun– The thing that is countable is known as a countable noun.

Example- Mohit bought five tables. She has a few friends.

(vii) Uncountable noun– The thing that can is not countable is known as Uncountable Noun.

Example- Ankur decided to sell the furniture of his house. Much money was wasted in the election.



Adjectives are used to define the quality noun and pronouns.

Example- Jal Mahal is a nice place. Here “Nice” is an adjective and place is a “noun”.

Example- Ram is a laborious person. Here is “Laborious” is an adjective and the person is a noun.

Types of Adjectives-

There are 6 types of adjectives defined in English Grammar.

  • (i). Descriptive adjective
  • (ii.) Quantitative adjective
  • (iii.) Demonstrative Adjective
  • (iv.) Possessive Adjective
  • (v.) Interrogative Adjective
  • (vi.) Distributive Adjective

Comparison of Adjectives

Comparative adjectives are used to compare one noun to another noun. In these instances, only two items are being compared. Superlative adjectives are used to compare three or more nouns.


A conjunction is a part of speech that connects words, phrases, or clauses that are called the conjuncts of the conjunctions.

Example-  Either, or, Neither, nor, Whether, or, Not only, but also

Either he or I have to do it.

There are three types of conjunctions:

  1. Coordinating Conjunction
  2. Sub Ordinating Conjunction
  3. Correlative Conjunction


An adverb is used to intensify any verb, adjective, preposition, adverb, adverbial phrase and sentence.

Example- He works hard. (Modifies the verb). Here “works” is the verb and “hard” is the adjective.

Types of Adverbs- There are mainly 3 types of adverbs in English Grammar.

  1. Simple Adverb
  2. Relative Adverb
  3. Interrogative Adverb

Topic-Wise Sample Questions or Examples

Check out the topic-wise questions below and enhance your preparation.


What words in each sentence below are nouns?

Example: John is a dancer – John, dancer

  • The students planned a party.
  • Three boys performed songs.
  • Excitement filled the air.
  • Joyce Chepkemoi won a prize.
  • Otieno lives in a house on my street.
  • The musicians played drums and trumpets.
  • Her family lives in a village.
  • Petronilla enjoyed the trip.
  • A festival was held in Kenyatta University.
  • People in costumes filled the streets
  • Boys in Scouts uniforms were leading the parade.
  • The holiday was great excitement.

Common and Proper Nouns

Identify the Common and Proper Nouns in the sentences below

  • Lucky Dube was a famous singer.
  • This dancer has performed in London and Paris.
  • His last flight was over the Mediterranean Sea.
  • She worked as a nurse during the Second World War.
  • Her goal was to educate students all over the world.
  • It was the worst accident in the history of Europe.
  • Bill Gates is best known for founding Microsoft.
  • The Pilot was the first woman to cross that ocean alone.
  • She grabbed a kettle and brought them water.
  • Professor Wangari Maathai won a Nobel Peace Prize.

Singular and Plural Nouns

Write the plural form of each noun in brackets to complete each sentence correctly.

  • I used two different _______________ to cut the rope. (knife)
  • She peeled the _______________ with a knife. (potato)
  • They are feeding the noisy _____________. (goose)
  • The tools are placed on the _____________. (shelf)
  • Mukami cut a few _______________ for the salad. (tomato)
  • The ______________ are playing in the field. (child)
  • Some ______________ are hiding in the ceiling. (mouse)
  • The ______________ of the buildings must be repaired. (roof)
  • The music helped them imagine the strange ________________. (story)
  • Koech used creative ______________ to help young people sharpen their imagination. (activity)

Possessive Nouns

Change the following phrases to show possession in a shorter way.

  • the tail of the lion
  • the dog that Cliff has
  • the hat of my mother
  • the book that Evans owns
  • the pot that the child has
  • the name of the doll
  • the mobile phone that Lucy owns
  • the shoes that Kimani has
  • the teeth that the fox has
  • the rabbit that my friend owns


Underline the subject pronouns in the following sentences.

  • They ate fish and chips.
  • We like Italian food.
  • It is delicious.
  • The biggest eater was he.
  • You helped in the cooking.
  • The cooks were Tom and I.


Complete the following sentences with who, whom, or whose.

  1. ________________ knows the origin of the Luos?
  2. ________________ did you ask about it?
  3. To _______________ did you give the letter?
  4. _________________ is the most attractive painting?
  5. _________________ is likely to receive the Chaguo la Teeniez award?
  6. For ______________ did you buy this doll?
  7. _________________ skill in dancing is the best?
  8. _________________ is the officer-in-charge here?
  9. _________________ are you looking at?
  10. _________________ are those healthy Merino sheep?

How to prepare for the English Language in Competetive Exams?

Candidates are advised to go through the English Grammar Notes for Competitive Exams PDF to better succeed in any competitive exam. Make use of our Preparation tips for the English Language and you will be able to ace this section in competitive exams.

  • The English section is generic and with the right preparation, it can be very easy to complete.
  • Practice the English Language with Word Power Made Easy PDF.
  • Reading an English newspaper every day will help in understanding grammar, improve vocabulary, and also help in improving General Knowledge.
  • Improving your Vocabulary takes some time. Make sure to learn 1 new word every day and within no time you will have to know many new words.
  • Practice with English Grammar Handwritten Notes PDF mentioned above.

Best Books to Prepare for English Language Preparation

If you are preparing for any competitive exam and need help in picking a book to study from then go through our handpicked Best Books for the English Language-

  1. English Language by Wren & Martin
  2. Objective General English by SP BAKSHI
  3. Wren and Martin English grammar book.

Apart from these books, candidates can also refer to some online books like DSL English book PDF Free Download to prepare well for the English Section.


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