Down to Earth Magazine FREE PDF download

Down to Earth Magazine FREE PDF download

Down to Earth Magazine FREE PDF download- Get latest news feed on science and environment every 15 days in down to earth e magazine

Down to Earth Magazine FREE PDF download

Down to Earth Magazine FREE PDF download- Down to Earth is a fortnight magazine is a magazine which features important events and issues related to science and environment. The magazine is established by the Society for Environmental Communications in May 1992. The magazine also features different articles and publications related to environmental threats faced by the world.

Down to Earth is one of the most prominent magazines and is widely read by audience from different walks of life. It is read by approximately 400- 500 districts of the country. The magazine also has its sphere of influence in other countries apart from India. The magazine is well- appreciated and recognized for its recognition of critical issues and addressing those issues to the common public.

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Down to Earth Magazine FREE PDF download- What you get inside?

Given below are the useful stuff which you get inside this magazine-

  1. Concrete knowledge of latest inventions
  2. Deep insights of environment related issues
  3. Cover stories comprising of reportage and research
  4. News reports on public concern and environment policies
  5. Special reports on vital issues
  6. News feed on science and technology
  7. Special coverage of history, food, initiatives and culture
  8. Reviews of books and films
  9. Media coverage

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How will Down to Earth Magazine help you in competitive exams preparation?

We suggest you to go for Down to Earth Magazine FREE PDF download as it is said to be extremely helpful in competitive exam preparation.  A candidate can make the best out of it if he/ she focuses on two sections in the magazine-

  • Factual part= This part features news related to Schemes, Conventions, Treaties, Agreements and Institutions. This magazine will help in preparation of prelims. You can go through this section in detail and you will surely get a lot of help in preparation for prelims exam. Look up the ministry under which a particular scheme is implemented or what are the various targets/parts of a particular scheme.
  • Conceptual part– This part will emphasize on elaboration of the issue, challenges faced, any proposed solution, government’s reaction to the issue, etc.

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 Get your copy of Down to Earth Magazine FREE PDF download now. All the best!


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