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GK plays an important role to crack competitive exams. Most of us ignore this section. Here we bring you a GK practice session which covers expected GK Questions in SSC CGL, CHSL and other competitive exams. In case of queries, you can post your doubts in the comment section.

Important : If you are not able to answer any question correctly, then read about it and practice again.
We have also started with Daily Quant Booster Quiz and Daily English Booster Quiz.

GK Booster for the day (19th July 2018)

Which Indian cricketer has been honoured with the ‘Most inspiring icon of the year for Social Welfare’ award by the DadasahebPhalke International Film Festival (DPIFF)?

What is the theme of the 2018 World Milk Day (WMD) in India?

20. The Supreme Court has recently allowed the Union government to implement the reservation in promotion policy for SC/ST employees. As per which article of the Constitution, reservation in promotions are mandated?

What is the objective of National Youth Empowerment Scheme which is under Union government?

Which country will host the 2018 BIMSTEC summit?

GK Booster for the day (18th July 2018)

Thomas cup is related to?

Which country will host the rugby world cup 2018?

How many grand slams are there in Tennis?

Project Dhoop is related to?

Recently Udyam Sakhi Portal is launched for?

World Sanskrit Conference 2018 was held in?

GK Booster for the day (17th July 2018)

Where is the first insect museum of India located?

India's first floating market opens in?

According to Forbes 2018, What is the rank of India's PM in world's most powerful people?

Which country will host Commonwealth Games 2022?

Who is the captain of India's women hockey team?

GK Booster for the day (16th July 2018)

Which country has won FIFA World Cup 2018?

Where will G20 2018 Summit will be held?

Who is the present Chief Election Commissioner of India?

Who is given Best Actor award at IIFA Awards 2018?

A standard round of golf contains?

Who has won CEAT International Cricketer of the Year Award 2018?

GK Booster for the day (14th July 2018)

10th BRICS Summit 2018 was held in?

What was the theme of 2018 World Environment day in India?

Book Titled “I am HIV positive, so what? is written by?

Who has become the 4th man to walk on the moon?

Who has become the Miss India World 2018?

Pulitzer prize is an award for achievements in?

GK Booster for the day (13th July 2018)

Who has won India's first ever gold medal at World Under 20 Athletics Championship?

Playground of baseball is called?

Who is the present goodwill ambassador of UNESCO?

Currency of Indonesia?

Biggest volcano of India?

Who is the first Director General of National Testing Agency (NTA)

GK Booster for the day (12th July 2018)

Nagarjuna Sagar dam is build on which river?

Who among these is known as Elephant Mountains

Which is world's biggest delta?

Which day is celebrated as Malala Day?

Who is the longest serving Chief Minister of India?

Who is the current army chief of India?

GK Booster for the day (11th July 2018)

Who is the current British Prime Minister?

Who was the British PM at the time of Brexit?

Number of Players in each team of volleyball?

Table Tennis is national game of ?

Host Country of FIFA World Cup 2014?

Abhinav Bindra is related to which sport?

GK Booster for the day (10th July 2018)

Who is appointed as NGT Chairperson?

NGT (National Green Tribunal) draws inspiration from which article of Indian Constitution?

Kaveri river dispute is b/w which two states?

Which is the hosting country of FIFA 2018?

How many players are in a Hockey Team?

Who is the latest governor of Kashmir?

Note : Do not miss to read Current Affairs in Hindi & English. Few questions can be directly asked from current affairs section in your exam. You can also practice free daily quiz for SSC CGL Tier I exam.


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    Find the remainder when 5100 when divided by 18.

    (a) 11

    (b) 12

    (c) 13

    (d) 14

    (e) 15
    Answer : 13

    2. What is the India’s rank in the list of doping violations, as per latest report of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)?

    (a) 9th

    (b) 6th

    (c) 5th

    (d) 8th

    (e) 12th

    Answer : b
    3. What is the probability that when 3 cards are pulled from a pack of cards, without replacement, that we get 1 King, 1 Queen and 1 Jack?

    ( a) 12/5525

    ( b) 13/5125

    ( c) 15/5224

    ( d) 16/5525

    ( e) None of these

    Answer : d

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