CTET 2017 Exam Preparation Tips

CTET 2017 Exam Preparation Tips Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Crack CTET 2017 and get good marks

CTET 2017 Exam Preparation Tips

Central Teachers Eligibility Test (CTET) is a test conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for aspirants who are aiming for a career in teaching in government schools. The CTET examination is introduced to produce quality teachers in Government Schools to enhance their educational standards.

The post highlights, CTET 2017 Exam Preparation Tips for those who want to crack the CTET 2017 exam

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  • Understand the Exam Structure 

CTET is an exam for a duration of 150 minutes. There are two CTET test papers in the exam, Paper-I and Paper-II.

Paper-I is for candidates who want to be a teacher for Classes I-V

Paper-II is for candidates who want to be a teacher for Classes VI to VIII.

One of the best part about this exam is that there is no negative marking. There are total 5 sections in the exam and each question will get you 1 mark. A candidate is required to score minimum of 60% to qualify for the CTET 2017 Exam. All the students should follow the exam pattern and prepare accordingly.

  • Follow Syllabus

Before preparing for the exam it is very important to know the syllabus as the syllabus of CTET exam 2017 is really vast. Paper I includes subjects like Child development and Pedagogy, Language I & II, Mathematics and Environmental studies. Paper –II includes subjects like Child development and pedagogy, Language, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics.

  • Revision

Keep revising the topics after completion of the complete syllabus. While studying, make notes of important theories and formulas. Notes will be useful to revise one day before the exam. Revision should be done atheist on a weekly basis.

  • Time Management

Time is the most significant part of the exam preparation. Always follow a time table so that you can study the complete syllabus on time. Time management will also help you to complete your exam paper on time. Distribute your time for each subject as per the exam syllabus and give equal time to all subjects with proper concentration. If you are doubtful on a question, leave it in the first round and come back to it later after you have completed the first round.

  • Preparation

Preparation is the key to success for every exam. Start preparing for the exams well in advance so that you can cover all the important topics and leave sufficient time for revision. Get all the study materials along with the right books to help you prepare well. Build your basics and get your hands on NCERT textbooks till class 10th.

  • Focus

60% of questions are from Child development and pedagogy section. So the target should be to prepare the pedagogy part well so that you can surely get a good score. It is highly important to focus on relevant topics so that you can attempt more questions and get good score. This subject will check the knowledge of child psychology of a candidate. So you should be well prepared on development stages of a child and special needs of a child.

  • Proper Study Plan and strategy

Always plan a strategy before the preparation of the exam. Maintain a time table and also take the time to analyzing your strengths and weakness. Always ensure that you don’t waste time with the questions you are unsure of. Focus more on your strong areas but also give equal time and importance to your weak areas.

  • Practice

Regular practice of Mock test and test papers will raise your level of speed along with the accuracy level. Solve previous years question papers to understand your level of preparation. You should have good speed to pass this exam. It is recommended to practice more and more because only practicing is the key to success. Also solve test papers to increase your speed to solve the questions.

  • Mock Tests

There are plenty of mock tests available online. Try to attempt as many as possible. The more you solve, the more confident you will be of your preparations. The mock tests also help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Solving the Mock test papers will improve your speed and accuracy. Try to attempt at least two to three mocks in a week.

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    • Stay Stress-Free

Get enough sleep and rest well especially the night before the exam. Be relaxed and take regular breaks while studying. Be focused and keep calm during the exam.

Last but most important reach the examination hall well before time and avoid any kind of stress.

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