Competitive Exams – The Biggest Phobia

Exams are probably the most essential part of our system, especially for the students or the youth aspiring for a bright future. Examination is the requisite for every imaginable field of career or work, be it medicine, art, engineering, administration or any other sector. And competition adds to its validity and reliability. This further adds to the stress faced by not only the applicants but also their parents. Competitive exams like IIT-JEE, AIPMT, SAT, CSAT, CA, CS etc witness a huge number of applicants every year. Since parents have high expectations from their children, they tend to put a lot of stress on them. Consequently, students also panic during their exams. To tackle such situations and perform well in exams, few suggestions and tips are mentioned below:
Tips for students and parents before the exam:

For students-

· Do not study anything new. Revise what you’ve studied earlier.
· Do not skip meals. Students generally eat less due to exam pressure which can hamper their health and thus, effect their performance.
· Sleep well. Sleeping well will raise your concentration level.
· Avoid social media like “Facebook” and “Twitter”. Do not engage in irrelevant conversations with people.

For parents-

· Maintain a peaceful environment in the house. It will help your child concentrate better.
· Do not put pressure of any kind on your child. It will create anxiety and mentally effect your child.
· Avoid guests. Too many people in your house will distract your child.

For students and parents on the day of the exam:

For students-

· Check your bag for the necessary things before leaving your house.
· Reach your exam hall early.
· Do not talk to a lot of people before your exam. It will distract you.
· Eat/ drink healthy food in the morning.
· Avoid driving.
· Do not discuss your paper after the exam.

For parents-

· Drive your child to the exam centre.
· Avoid forcing your child to drink or eat.
· Avoid shouting/ yelling for any reason.

For students and parents on how to handle a bad result:

For students-

· Do not over-think about the result. What’s gone is gone.
· Prepare for the next papers/ attempts.
· Learn from your mistakes.
· Do not be depressed.
· Have cheerful company.

For parents-

· Let your child know that there is always a second chance.
· Do not keep reminding your child about the bad result.
· Be supportive and positive.

We should all keep in mind that “Failure is the pillar of success” and we should not be overtly conscious of our exams. Exam phobia is just psychological and it should not hinder students’ performance in exams. Preparing well, being confident and keeping calm is the ultimate solution to exam stress and phobia. I extend the best of wishes to all the applicants and their parents.


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