Common Mistakes Committed By Candidates Before & During UPSC Prelims

Common Mistakes Committed By Candidates Before & During UPSC Prelims

UPSC exam is one of the most expected as well difficult exams for candidates who wish to have a career in the civil services. The prelims exam which is basically objective type is a tricky paper to be solved in the given 2 hours of time for each paper. Many candidates who are known brilliants commit some common mistakes both before the exams and during the exams which result in a bad score. Here is a list of such mistakes and how to avoid them.

Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes Committed By Candidates Before & During UPSC Prelims Before the exam:

  • Candidates sometimes get driven by mock test results while it should be understood that mock test is just to know your weak areas and not the actual exam. If you are able to score well in the mock test do not be over confident.
  • Failing to revise what you have studied is one of the most common mistakes. As an aspiring candidate, you should revise every subject every day without fail which gives you more accuracy to answer at the actual exam
  • UPSC prelims exams are aimed at testing conceptual clarity. So candidate should understand the concepts properly. Just mugging an answer will not make you able to answer the tricky questions
  • In the last 30 days candidates who get nervous tend to buy new study materials and books which is one of the biggest mistakes. Never buy them at this point of time because it will only confuse you. Always stick to what you have been using to prepare from the beginning.

Common Mistakes Committed By Candidates Before & During UPSC Prelims During the exam:

  • Answering all the questions is a common mistake. Over confidence leads to this sometimes but understand that there is negative marking also. If you are not sure of some answers do not attempt such a question. Even your correct answer marks will be lost in negative marking due to wrong answers of other questions
  • Do not shade wrongly in the OMR sheet. Be attentive towards your OMR sheet and shade the correct option properly. The valuation is computer based and hence it is important to do this perfectly. Many candidates who fail to shade the OMR sheet properly are known to fail in the exams.
  • You should utilize the 3-hour break after the first paper in the prelims exam. The second paper is equally important. Never commit the mistake of wasting the 3-hour break by discussing what happened in the first paper or chatting and gossiping. Try to concentrate on the next paper and also revise important points.
  • Most importantly, not carrying ID card along with the Admit card is a common mistake. As an aspiring candidate you should carry with you, an identity card at all times during the exam otherwise you will be void to take the UPSC exam.

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