Coding Decoding Tricks for SSC CHSL and Railway Exam

Coding Decoding Tricks for SSC CHSL and Railway Exam

Coding Decoding Tricks for SSC CHSL and Railway Exam – Tips, Tricks and Strategies to solve Coding Decoding Question in SSC CHSL

Coding Decoding Tricks for SSC CHSL and Railway Exam

Coding-decoding is a method of encrypting a message before it is transmitted to someone. Coding and decoding are usually done so that a third party or third person does not understand the message. Coding-Decoding is an integral part of the logical reasoning in several government exams. The reasoning section in each exam has about 5 questions on coding-decoding. Once, you are well versed in deciphering the hidden meaning of the section, you will be able to solve the section.You need great accuracy in solving the section.

Coding is a process in which a word, a number, or a series or combination of words and numbers is written in particular code to hide the real meaning. One has to understand the code and understand the hidden meaning. You may also have to draw some correlations between various codes to decipher the actual meaning.

Decoding is the process of deciphering the code and reverting it to the original form from the given set of codes. You have to understand the logic behind the pattern of the codes and apply the correlation and logic in order to understand the answers.

The reasoning is an extremely scary section in most competitive exams. It is both tricky and time-consuming. Coding-Decoding is an extremely scoring section in Railways. Never skip this section as it will fetch you good marks. We have shared important Questions for SSC CHSL and Railway Exam.

Coding Decoding Tricks for SSC CHSL and Railway Exam along with Examples:

1. Let us take the English Alphabet Series and number the 26 alphabets of the English language and put them in that order. (A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4…….Y=25, Z=26).Let’s take the shortcut for BAD= 2, 1, 4

2. Now let us position the Letter as per the reversed English Alphabet Series A=26, B=25, C=24, Z=1.

Now let us look at the word BAD=24, 24, 23.

3. Corresponding letter of each letter i.e., the pair of letters at the same distance from start and end of the English Alphabet Series (A is opposite to Z; B is opposite to Y, and C is opposite to X and so on) and to learn this one can use different acronyms for e.g. for AZ –> AZar; BY –> BYe; CX–> CruX; DW–>DeW and so on.This topic can be divided in to the following subtopics based on the logic incorporated:

Coding Decoding Tricks for SSC CHSL and Railway Exam

(Ii)Coding – Decoding by Letter Shifting:

One or more English Words are given their respective codes. The codiing is based on shifting the positions of the individual letters based on their place in the English alphabet. Identify the common pattern or correlation in the pattern and apply the same pattern to the words asked in the questions and find the code. Apply the reverse pattern to the given code and find the original word.

1. In a certain code language “TIGER” is written as “2097518”, then how will “TENDULKAR” be written in that language?

a) 205144212156212

b) 205144221111182

c) 205144211211118

d) 205144211532522

e) None of The Above

Answer: C

2.If in a certain language, MADRAS is coded as NBESBT, how is BOMBAY coded in that code ?

 Option :


Answer: B

3.In a certain code, COMPUTER is written as RFUVQNPC. How is MEDICINE written in the same code ?


Answer: A

4. If BOMBAY is written as MYMYMY, how will TAMIL NADU be written in that code ?

Option :


Answer: B

5. If in a certain language if ENTRY is coded as 12345 and STEADY is coded as 931785, then state which is the correct code for below word. SEDATE

Option :

A. 918731 B.954185 C.814195 D.614781

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