Coal India Limited Interview Preparation Tips for Finance & Accounts

Coal India Limited Interview Preparation Tips for Finance & Accounts

Coal India Limited Interview Preparation Tips for Finance & Accounts : Get tips, expected questions, topics for CIL MT Finance & Accounts(F&A) Interview

Coal India Limited Interview Preparation Tips for Finance & Accounts

How to Prepare for Coal India MT Interview for Finance & Accounts –  CIL Finance Interview preparation. Coal India Limited successfully conducted the recruitment of Management Trainees in 18 disciplines. Coal India is a Maharatna company. It is an important PSU in India and is one of the best companies.

Coal India Limited Finance & Accounts Interview preparation. Coal India Limited successfully conducted the written exam on March 26th 2017 for the recruitment of Management Trainees in 18 disciplines. Coal India is a Maha Ratna company and it is one of the most reputed companies to work for. Coal India conducts its own exam besides counting GATE score for recruiting in one of the most competitive exams on the country. It recruits one of the most best and brightest minds. Lakhs of candidates appear for the Coal India Limited exam every year and it remains a very preferred job for several people. The article intends to help students as competition is intense in Coal India recruitment.

The duration of the Coal India interview is expected to be for about 30 minutes. The interviewer expects good knowledge of finance from the candidates.

CIL Interview finance Preparation 2017

The Interview is organized by Coal India Limited and requires candidates for Finance and Accounts. The interview will last for 30 minutes and requires moderate knowledge of technical aspects, while one requires high knowledge of finance and accounts.

CIL Finance Interview: Important Points to consider

Technical knowledge: Several candidates feel that one need not have technical knowledge. However, interview panel will test the technical know-how of the candidate. Technical questions will be asked at a basic level.

Accuracy and Precision: Being in finance and accounts, candidates need to be accurate about finance and accounts. You need to know well about all terms related to finance. Also good knowledge of accounts, finance will count. Being a Commerce graduate, one will be able to understand these terms quite easily.

Profile: Candidate must possess relevant experience in commerce, preferably in finance and account. Achievements in the past should be highlighted.

Knowledge of Software tools: You must be well aware on how to use Excel and Tally and software required in finance and accounting.

Coal India Limited Interview Expected Questions :

Working for the finance department of Coal India is a matter of pride and if you are selected for it, you can proudly say that you work for a prestigious company. However, clearing the hurdle of interview level is very important for getting selected in Coal India.

1. What is Cash flow statement?

2.. What is Working capital?

3. What is your opinion on government Demonetization Policy?

4. What is the role of RBI in the monetary policy

7. Which software application do you prefer for Accounting and why?

8. How do you rate the Y-oY growth of CIL and its performance in the last quarter?

9. What makes you want this job?

10. Other than Coal India, which is your preferred company to work for?

11. Where do you see yourself 3 years from now on?

12. What are some measures to deal with black money?

Documents required for CIL Finance & Accounts interview :

Once, the results for the MT written examination is out, you will be issued call letters for CIL Finance & Accounts interview. You must carry the following documents failing which interview process shall face problems.

Biodata Form MT 2017: Coal India Limited shall issue Biodata Form and this shall be made available on the Coal India website.

SC/ST Certificate: Candidates who belong to Schedule caste and Schedule Tribe categories need to fill up form provided by Coal India and need to produce necessary document.

OBC Certificate: Candidates who belong to OBC (non-creamy layer) will have to fill up the form and produce necessary document.

PH certificate: Candidates who are physically handicapped need to fill up the form and need to produce necessary documents.

Coal India Limited Interview Preparation Tips for Finance & Accounts  

How to Speak with Coal India Finance & Accounts Interview Panel?

  1. Be Polite and Soft spoken
  2. There should be absence of arrogance as this is not entertained
  3. Be courteous and graceful during the interviewer
  4. Stay truthful about your achievements and do not lie about anything. It is easy to find out about any lies made at interview at a later stage.
  5. Accept your mistake if you answered anything wrong during the interview.
  6. Be thankful to the interviewers if they appreciate you for any of your achievements.

Who will take your interview?

The expert panel at Coal India Limited will consist of some of the finest panelists, Hrs. They are highly knowledgeable ad well exposed professionals. They understand the way work happens in PSU’s and the work culture followed by PSU’s.

Sometimes, CIL may also consist of highly skilled professionals like psychologists. The interview observes the candidates and understands their underlying personality traits. It is advised to not lie to them as they will understand really quick. If you are unable to answer a question, please say you don’t know instead of making up. It is necessary to be honest

Coal India Limited Interview Preparation Tips for Finance & Accounts – Do’s and Don’ts 

  1. Do’s Be confident and dignified. It advised to be calm and composed. Stay modest about your acheivements and failures. Wear good clothes and wear ironed clothes. Carry handkerchief and pen for the interview. People often forget pen.
  2. Don’ts
  • Do not allow nervousness to take over yourself
  • Do not fear, as this interview is not the end of your life
  • Do not be rude, be polite and kind
  • Do not get angry as you are being evaluated by the interviewers
  • Do not be late for the interview

Coal India Limited Interview Preparation Tips for Finance & Accounts – How to Dress up for Coal India Interview?

Dressing is important part of working in an office. Dress up decently. Do not go like you are going for a marriage or party. Dress smartly and decently. Wear neatly ironed formals. Do not wear jeans and casual T-Shirts. You can apply Deodorant, but spray it in limited quantity so that it does not become uncomfortable because of the aroma. Wear presentable clothes and ironed clothes. There should be no wrinkles on the Pant or Shirt that you are wearing.

Toprankers wishes the aspirants all the best for the Coal India Limited interview. Stay confident and give your best shot.

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