Cloze Test Questions with Answers FREE PDF Download for IBPS PO

Download Cloze Test Questions with Answers FREE PDF for IBPS PO- Get Cloze Test questions with answers PDF with tips and tricks for IBPS PO.

Cloze Test Questions with Answers for IBPS PO

Cloze Test Questions with Answers FREE PDF Download for IBPS PO- This article along with the PDF is basically a study-guide which will aid to crack questions on “Cloze Test” and you, in turn, will be able to fetch good marks. In IBPS PO Cloze Test is one of the scoring section. It is a section asked in majority of bank/ recruitment exams. In Cloze test, candidates are provided with some words removed from it. Candidate needs to replace the missing words from the options given wherever it is appropriate to.

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Since it is a mixture of comprehension and fill in the blanks type of questions, you need to complete the passage with the missing words. You need to have a strong command over language and grammar along with good vocabulary to solve cloze test questions correctly.

We, in this post, provide you with Cloze Test Questions with Answers FREE PDF Download for IBPS PO.

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Tips and Tricks to solve cloze test questions

  1. In order to solve a cloze passage, read it slowly without filling up the blanks. You will be able to grab the idea of what the topic is about. If you are unable to get the meaning of the passage at one go, read it twice/ thrice until you get it.
  2. Once you get to know the central idea of the passage, complete the blanks which you are 100 percent sure of. Fill up only those blanks which you are sure about.
  3. The sentences of a cloze test passage are logically connected to each other. So, be cautious of not committing a mistake of considering a sentence as an independent one. Think of logical connections which will make things easy for you.

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How to solve Cloze Test Questions IBPS PO

Follow the tips given below and go through Cloze Test Questions with Answers FREE PDF Download:

  • You will also find blanks which will have multiple correct options. The correct way to solve is to first mark options of this kind and then try fitting them in the blank one by one. After that, you can use the one which fits perfectly. You need to use words which will fit appropriately with the respective sentence as well as the passage content.
  • You may also face a dilemma or confusion between two words. In this case, you can choose a word which is relevant to use with words before and after the blank.

For example- Can we have a ____ chat?
A. swift
B. quick
C. prompt
All three of the above options have the same meaning. So, you need to choose the one which is fit to be used in the blank in this sentence’s context.

  • Identify the tone in which the sentence is written: humor, serious, narrative and so on. After the tone identification, pick the words accordingly.  If the tone of the sentences is funny/humorous, you can use words which evoke fun/humor and vice versa.
  • In order to have a better idea of which word goes well with another one, you need to inculcate the idea of reading as many sentences as possible from books, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Try to cross check an answer before finalizing it. When you cross check an answer, you will be able to rectify it if necessary.

Solve sectional IBPS PO mock tests based on cloze test topics.

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This article on Cloze Test Questions with Answers FREE PDF Download for IBPS PO will give you a head start in your preparations. Let us know about your experience of preparing with this in the comments section below. All the best!


I could find the All India test near replica of the actual exam. It helped me a lot with time management. I would request the team to increase the difficulty more which would be more interesting.

Shaik Mahaboob Subhani IBPS Clerk Pre AIT

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