Latest CLAT Updates: Permanent Body to Conduct CLAT from Now!

Latest CLAT Updates

CLAT Updates 2018 – A permanent body is to be formed in order to run and scrutinize the whole process of Law education.

Latest CLAT Updates: Permanent Body to Conduct and Regulate Law Education

In the third meeting Law school consortium, founded in the year 2015, was operationalized on 17th August 2017 in the city of Bengaluru was held at NUALS, Kochi. The meeting saw the start of a new era for the law education in the country. NLUs consortium has taken an important step to smoothen the conduct of CLAT examination in the country. A permanent body is to be formed in order to run and scrutinize the whole process.

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The consortium is looking at new ways to improve the process of accreditation and trying to strengthen the process of recruitment of faculties. Under the chairmanship of Prof. Faizan Mustafa, Vice-chancellor of the National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR), Hyderabad.

This historic decision in Indian law education system looks to change or amend the following in order to smoothen the Legal education system in India;

The formation of the permanent Body for the conduct of CLAT:

According to the resolution, a permanent secretariat will be established at National Law School of India University, Bangalore. The conduction of CLAT in future will be monitored by this particular body which also the headquarter for the consortium.

The proposed body to conduct CLAT will consist of;

  • An Executive committee will be formed with NLUs at Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Bhopal as its ex officio members.
  • A CLAT Convenor of the year
  • A CLAT Convenor for the following year to get hands-on experience which will make Conveyor familiar with the admission process.
  • Two Co-opted Vice Chancellors of NLUs who have past experience in conducting CLAT as nominated by the CLAT Convener.

This whole arrangement is targeted to bring stability to the yearly conduct of CLAT. In the consortium, Vice-chancellor of NLU Odisha, professor Krishna Deva Rao will assume the role of the conveyor for the smooth conduct of CLAT 2019. The core committee decided to endorse this decision.

The proposal which has been backed by various experts and student bodies is finally live in action.

Exchange & Training Programmes for NLU faculty;

As per the consortium, a three-month training will be provided to those who aspire to be a part of NLUs as a faculty member. After the training period, an examination will be conducted in order to certify the suitability of candidates to apply as a faculty member in any member university of the consortium.

According to the recent press release, it was notified that the modalities to carry out this proposal will be discussed, deliberated and approved in the next meeting of the consortium.

The consortium also plans for an exchange programme for faculty amongst member universities and discussed to resolve the issue of resource crunch

Framing new parameters for Accreditation;

The consortium discussed and planned a list of parameters for accreditation by the National Assesment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) for all law universities, law colleges and law departments in other universities. This resolution was passed due to fact that the existing NAAC parameters are only based on the needs of multi-faculty traditional universities and hence, they do not fully capture the uniqueness of a single discipline university.

Additionally, the consortium is also adamant to find ways and means to get NLUs the status of Institution of Eminence.

NLU Consortium Meeting Oct 3, 2018: Press Release

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