CLAT Legal Aptitude Preparation Tips, Strategy & Tricks

CLAT Legal Aptitude Preparation Tips

CLAT Legal Aptitude Preparation Tips – Get the tips, tricks and strategy to prepare for CLAT 2019 Legal Aptitude section preparation, topics asked and time management. You can use these Tips & Tricks to make your own strategy and kick start your preparation!

CLAT Legal Aptitude Preparation Tips, Tricks and Strategy

The Biggest LAW Event, CLAT is going to conduct for admission into LAW colleges of highest repute. CLAT is a national level examination which is among examinations of higher demand. Among all subjects asked in CLAT 2019, legal aptitude section is an extremely important section asked. In case there is a tie in CLAT Result 2019, the tie is sorted by considering the legal aptitude marks obtained by a candidate and seats are allotted accordingly.

This, itself signifies the importance of this section and how important it is to score high in this section. Check the complete CLAT Legal Aptitude Preparation Tips here.

Is CLAT testing your Legal Reasoning or Legal Knowledge?

Before you end up spending endless hours and needless resources on preparing CLAT’s Legal Aptitude section, you should know that, this section is only going to test your legal reasoning. Legal reasoning, as the name itself should tell you, is not about knowledge, it’s about reasoning. Your knowledge of law is not being assessed.

The legal aptitude section is divided into 3 sections as follows-

  1. Legal Reasoning
  2. Legal Facts
  3. Legal G.K.

Check latest CLAT Syllabus.

Legal Reasoning

This section is meant to judge a candidate’s skills in legal aptitude. In this section, students will have to apply legal principles to the factual situation.

A candidate’s skill in study of law, research aptitude and problem solving ability is also judged through this section.

Important Topics to prepare-

The following topics are recurring topics and should be prepared thoroughly-

  1. Indian Penal Code
  2. Law of Torts
  3. Law of Contract

Legal Facts

Question asked from this section are direct law based and requires a sound knowledge of landmark judgements and amendments. This section mainly focuses on the following-

Topics to prepare-

The following topics have to prepared well-

  • Fundamental rights
  • Directive principles
  • Preamble
  • Important Amendments
  • Important Judgements
  • Recommendations & Chairpersons of law commissions

Legal GK

Legal GK is a section which requires your awareness skills. The most reliable source of preparing legal GK is a good financial newspaper. Newspaper will not only help you to prepare Legal GK but will also be helpful for GK section which comprises of 50 marks in CLAT exam. Instead of going through random and multiple newspapers, you need to go through the relevant columns of one standard newspaper which is enough.

Note: Practice Daily quiz GK Booster to stay updated. Practice well and achieve your dream job.

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CLAT Legal Aptitude Preparation Tips 2019- Complete Guide

Stay Updated with Test Syllabus and Pattern of CLAT

Candidates must stay Updated with The Syllabus and Pattern of CLAT. To get an idea of the CLAT exam pattern, you need to take a look at the CLAT previous year papers, CLAT sample papers, etc.

Preparation Tips for CLAT

Online Mock tests

Keep a habit of practicing with CLAT online mock tests available which would help you get hold of the pattern asked in exams. This will also help you understand the level of difficulty in paper.

Clear Your Doubts and Be Thorough with Basics

Clearing all your doubts is very essential for you to score good marks. Consult a reliable resource for clearing your doubts and also clear your basics/ fundamentals.

Proper Utilization of time

Prepare a systematic time table and follow it. Every day you must devote your time to each of the important topics. Don’t leave any of the important topics which you feel could be asked in the exam.

Strong Vocabulary

Vocabulary will help you Legal aptitude as much as in English. Try to learn as many new words as you can. Start with learning 10 new words daily and use them in your daily life. Solve as many mock tests as you can. It will improve your overall performance.

Practice is The Key

Go through as many previous year papers as you can get your hands on. Make a list of the principles that the students have been tested on in the past. Read all of them and then skim out a set of principles that have been repeated time and again. It goes without saying that there will be completely new set of principles every year. Be prepared to handle the unexpected.

Time Management for Legal Aptitude Section

Students should have an idea of how much time they should spend on legal aptitude section ideally. According to our experts, the time management should be in this way:

  • Total time to allocate to this section – 25 to 35 minutes
  • Direct questions- 30-35 seconds
  • Tricky questions- 40 seconds to maximum 1 minute.

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We have mentioned all the eminent information of CLAT Legal Aptitude Preparation Tips 2019. We are sure that you are working hard to clear the CLAT Examination, and hence, we are confident that your efforts will be rewarded. Just keep going!

All the Best!


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