CLAT Exam Day Instructions & Dress Code 2020

CLAT Exam 2020 will be taking place in the upcoming May. The students who successfully download their admit card will be visiting the exam center to write the paper. The officials have certain CLAT Exam Day Instructions which all the candidates must follow. Any violation of these regulations can lead to debarment.

CLAT Exam Day Instructions and Dress Code Details

The CLAT Exam takes place in an offline (pen-paper) mode. Students must ensure they are following the complete dress code before they appear in the exam.

  • Students must make sure they are carrying their CLAT Admit Card in the exam hall. Without the hall ticket, they will not be permitted in the exam center
  • Students must reach the exam hall 15 minutes prior to the exam is scheduled
  • The changing answer sheet is not allowed in the exam so candidates must mark the answers carefully
  • The female aspirants are advised to not wear any kind of jewelry such as earrings, bangles, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, etc.
  • The male candidates are also advised not to wear any kind of expensive watches in the CLAT Exam Center
  • Students must not leave their seat without the permission of the invigilator
  • Any sort of food items are prohibited in the exam hall for CLAT Exam

CLAT 2020 Dress Code

The students must follow the dress code carefully. Anyone not following the dress code will be debarred right away!
Clat exam day instructions

  • The students must carry light clothes so that there is no possibility of hiding any sort of cheating material
  • The aspirants must wear half sleeves shirt or t-shirt that should not have a big button or any badge because that can be used for hiding purposes
  • Students are advised to wear the Slipper or Sandals and avoid the Shoes which are not permitted in the hall
  • Candidates are suggested not to carry the items which are not permitted in the Examination Center as there is no Safe Keeping Place
  • The female aspirants should not carry any kind of rings, nose pins, chains, badges, etc. because it can lead to debarment

CLAT Syllabus 2020

Allowed & Not-Allowed Items

In an attempt of preventing any kind of mishap in the exam hall, the officials have fixed a list stating the guidelines for the candidates. There are certain items which are allowed as well as not allowed in the exam center. The candidates can check the table below:

Allowed Not Allowed
Slippers and Sandals only SHOES
Half T-Shirt, Shirt Burka, Cap, Kurta Pajama
Jeans Watches
Kurti/Top (Half-Sleeves) SunGlasses
Leggings/Churidar Bracelets
Lowers Saree (Married or Unmarried)
Trousers/Jeans Full Sleeves Shirt or T-Shirts
Salwar Big buttons, brooch/badge T-Shirts
Doctor Prescribed lens specs only Rings/ Chain/ Necklace etc. (any jewelry or ornaments)
Tiny Rubber Band Bangles not allowed (only married can wear)
Mangal Sutra Hair Clips/ Big Rubber Bands etc.

clat exam day instructions

CLAT 2020 Exam Day Instructions

As important as other aspects of the exam are, following the CLAT Exam Instructions is equally important and relevant. The students must take care of their manners and etiquettes inside the exam center. Read the following instructions:

  • Candidates must not forget to carry their admit card in the exam hall
  • Without the hall ticket and required passport size photograph of the candidates, they should not carry anything else in the center
  • The students shall do all the rough work only on the Test Booklet
  • The students cannot change answers on the answer sheet, so they must be careful before they answer anything
  • Students must mark the answers with a blue or black ballpoint pen
  • Also, must make sure they have signed two times on the attendance paper
  • Students must not communicate with each other till the time they have stepped outside of the exam hall
  • Candidates must leave their desk clean before they leave the hall
  • It is a firm advise not to throw waste things on the floor

CLAT 2020 Preparation Books

In case of misconduct

It is suggested to all the individuals who are going to appear in the CLAT 2020 that they must not create any sort of nuisance in the exam center. In a case where someone is found misbehaving in the center in any realm, they will have to face negative results.

The candidates who will be found guilty of the following will not be entertained at all:

  1. Making use of any debarred items in the hall
  2. Trying to impersonate or mimic someone
  3. Misbehaving during the interview or at the time of the exam
  4. Using the candidature in the wrong means in any way

The negative results that will be faced are as follows:

  • The aspirants can be disqualified from the exam on the spot
  • Candidates can be debarred on a temporary or permanent basis from the procedure of recruitment
  • If any guideline is not taken into consideration at the time of the selection process but after the selection process, the disqualification will still be practiced for that student

clat exam day instructions

Banned Items in CLAT Exam Hall

The candidates must follow and not carry any items which are mentioned below:

  • Food items are not permitted
  • Any sort of metallic items
  • Any electronic devices like Cell Phones, Bluetooth, Headphones, Headsets, Camera, Pager, Microphones, Health Band, etc
  • Items like Goggles, Handbags, Caps, Wallets, Belt, etc
  • Stationery Items such as textual material, Pencil Box, Calculator, Geometry, Pen/Pencil, Plastic Pouch, Writing Pad, Scanner, Eraser, Scale, Pen Drive, Log Table, bits of papers, Electronic Pen, etc.

If any candidate is found in possession with the items mentioned above in the exam hall, the officials will consider it offensive and use of unfair means and they will take action against the student.


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