CLAT 2016 Exam For NRI – CLAT NRI Admission Details

NRI Seats in CLAT 2016 EXAM

CLAT Examination is conducted every year for both Indian Nationals and NRI’s to get an admission in any of the top 17 Law Universities in India. It is a great opportunity for the students to appear for CLAT Exams to take their first step in the stream of Law. There are certain procedures that an NRI or an NRI sponsored candidate should do.

Note: For all the Law Universities except the WBNUJS, West Bengal, seats should be filled by the concerned universities according to the merit list of CLAT. All the NRI candidates should contact the universities directly for all the admission formalities. The documents needed and the eligibility criteria will be provided by the concerned university to you.

NRI Admission Details for WBNUJS, Kolkata, (West Bengal).

The list of students who are eligible for the admission under NRI/NRO- sponsored category will be provided from the CLAT Office.

What are the documents required?

For the admission of candidates for NRI, you should provide a copy of your valid Indian Passport. A copy of the student’s visa that is taken in last one year is required. You should also be able to give a certificate from the embassy stating that you are an NRI/OCI or PIO Card. The NRI Sponsored Candidates should produce all the copy of the passport of the sponsor along with the visa.

The certificate from the embassy should state that the sponsor is an NRI/OCI or PIO Card. An affidavit should also be presented by the sponsor showing the interest and willingness to sponsor the student for the next 5 years. They should also mention the relation between the sponsor and the student in the affidavit.

Who can sponsor the students for Law Studies?

Any person staying abroad/Non-Resident Indian who is a close relative of the student can sponsor for their studies. In case if the students have no relative, then any other individual staying abroad can do it by providing an affidavit as mentioned above.

This will throw a light on CLAT 2016 NRI Admission details.

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