CLAT 2016 Analysis

CLAT 2016 exam analysis, clat exam paper analysis

Apparently one of the easiest CLAT of all times was taken this year by around 40000 students across the Nation. The cut-offs would be really high and the total number of silly-mistakes will decide the admissions to the Top Law Schools as making mistakes was really difficult this evening. Let’s take up each section on by one.

English Language:

A straight forward reading comprehension with 10 sitters along with questions on Prepositions, sentence completion, idioms, legal maxims, spellings etc. All doable and a good score should be 30+/40.


With couple of tricky questions placed between the whole lot, mathematics was too attemptable to a limit of 16-17Q by someone who is average with his number skills. Generally people do not prepare well for this section Nationally and could play an extremely important role this year not for the Top 3 Law Schools but for the next 4. A good score in this section would be 15+/20.

General Knowledge:

Approx 37-40 questions on Current Affairs and remaining from Static made this section a little typical compared to others. Some really close options will confuse the students and shall drive them to the wrong answer option. Though good attempts would reach upto 42ish but a good score would be in the range of 32-34.

Legal Reasoning and Aptitude:

Probably the second easiest section of the lot with English topping the chart. 35 Questions on Legal Reasoning with most of them from Past Year papers and remaining from the Legal Aptitude/knowledge sections — sitters to say the least. A good attempt should be around 45 with an accuracy of 80% for the Top 3 Law Schools.

Logical Reasoning:

Probably the deciding section for the Top Colleges this year tested students on in-depth knowledge of critical reasoning. Confusing for many and shall force many students to make silly mistakes. Any score above 25 should be a good score in this section.

Overall Analysis:

We believe GK, Logical and the number of silly mistakes made in Mathematics, Legal and English shall decide the Top 150 Ranks this year. For the Top 3 Law Schools a score of 148ish should be safe and a score of 142+ for the Top 5*. Overall an easy paper on the face, pushing everyone to attempt those extra 10Q but a lot of room to make ample amount of silly mistakes.. 🙂 Cheers Patiala!



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