Circular Seating Arrangement Preparation Tips

Circular Seating Arrangement Preparation Tips

Circular Seating Arrangement Preparation Tips – Attempt Circular Seating Arrangement Problems for IBPS Clerk Mains. Get Tips and Tricks to solve Questions.

Circular Seating Arrangement Preparation Tips

Circular Arrangement is an important Section for all those who are preparing for competitive exams. The circular arrangement comes in reasoning. The blog on Circular Arrangement is to understand the concepts better in the Reasoning section. The circular arrangement is an important part of Seating arrangement as there are also other types of seating arrangement. Circular arrangement questions are frequently asked in IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB Officer, IBPS RRB Office Assistant, IBPS SO, RBI Assistant, SBI SO, Indian Post Payment Bank (IPPB) Scale I Officer, LIC AAO, GIC AO, UIIC AO.

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Circular Seating Arrangement Quiz Questions –

There are four types of Seating Arrangement. Let’s look at the different types of Seating Arrangement:

1. Circle

2. Square

3. Rectangle

4. Lines or linear

Circular Seating Arrangement is the most important case in seating arrangement from an exam point of view. In most cases, the questions are about 8 persons seated in a circular arrangement. The best way to remember understand the circular arrangement is with the help of Poles directions. There are different types of directions according to poles – North, South, East West, North East, North West, South West and South East.

Circular Seating Arrangement Preparation Tips:

Direction to Approach Circular Arrangement: 

  • Clockwise = Right 
  • Anti-Clock Wise = Left

Movements around the circular arrangement

For the people facing the center:

  • Left movement is called clockwise rotation.

  • Right movement is called anti-clockwise rotation.

When people will be facing outside, the opposite will be true:

  • Left movement is called anti-clockwise rotation.

  • Right movement is called clockwise rotation.

How to Solve Circular Seating Arrangement Problems? Circular Seating Arrangement Preparation Tips

i)Draw a circle – mark the places (4/6/7/8) – and then start reading the question!

(ii) Mark positions on the circle – You can mark 4 or 8 positions on the Circle. As explained above It is North. East , West and South.

Sitting arrangements 3

(iii) Suppose that A can be seated in 2 different places – then, go ahead with one place and arrange the rest accordingly – if you successfully arrange the entire thing – then the place where A is seated which you had arbitrarily decided is the correct place!

If it is not correct you’ll find that your arrangement of A’s position is contradicting as per other information in the question and you can then chose the other A’s possible position.

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In another example. if P has two possible ways to be seated – Seat 1 and Seat 2 in a circular arrangement. If you are unable to understand how to seat them, then arbitrarily arrange their seating in either Seat 1 or Seat 2.

If you seat P at Seat 2, now try seating the others as per the rest of the information in the question. If you are able to seat P in the correct way without much contradictions and problems, you have rightly solved the seating of P’s seating in the correct way.

If you find a contradiction regarding P’s circular seating arrangement in Seat 2, you will see that Seat 2 is not the right place of P and P is correctly seated in Seat1. There can only be two possibilities of seating P and there can be only one right answer though as to where P will be seated in the circular seating arrangement.

(iv) Arrange people in a circle, when you are clear and know accurately where they will be seated. When you doubt the seating arrangement of a particular character, then keep them farther away. You can revise the seating arrangement accordingly.

Or, put a tick on the persons who are seated correctly.

Once, you have solved the question right, there are no possibilities about the further arrangement. The rest need to be arranged in places that are available.

Sitting arrangements 4

(v) If there are 4/6/8/10 persons – Even number of people are all facing one particular direction, while the odd number of seats are facing the opposite direction.

(vi) Where some are facing outward and some facing inward, then mark the places with arrows pointing inward/outward.

In the above figure, A and D are facing outward as their arrows point away from the centre; while, B and C are facing inward with their arrows pointing towards the center of the circle.

There is no magic to solving Circular Seating arrangement without understanding the concept. It comes without practice. Seating Arrangement questions are tricky to solve, so practice will make you perfect.

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