CBSE orders re-exam due to paper leak – Trending tweets against paper leak

CBSE orders re-exam due to paper leak - Trending tweets against paper leak

CBSE orders re-exam due to paper leak responding to various cases of malpractice before the examination. Students all across the nation are shaken by the order of CBSE to re-conduct the examination. As per the latest information through various news sources, CBSE Class XIIth Economics and Class Xth Mathematics paper were leaked prior to the examination. In response to this, CBSE have planned to conduct re-examination for the paper throughout the country even though the paper leak was limited to Delhi region.

CBSE orders re-exam due to paper leak

Dear Aspirants,

After the paper leak incident through whatsapp was brought into the notice of people, Students are worried about the Board’s decision to re-conduct the examination. HRD ministry had initiated an internal probe into the matter of paper leak.

As the leak incident took place in Delhi region, Delhi Crime Branch has also started to investigate the matter of alleged paper leak of CBSE’s Class Xth Maths and Class XIIth Economics paper. Top police officials from Delhi Crime Branch discussed the further line of investigation to discourage these kind of acts.

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Protest after CBSE orders re-exam due to paper leak:

Parents and Students in various cities like Bengaluru, Goa, Guwahati, Chennai, Kolkata, Bhopal and Patna protested against the Board’s decision to conduct re-examination. While the people are out on the streets showing their anger and disbelief in the system, Many celebrities also stood up to give strength to the Voice of people demanding for Justice.

Board’s statement after CBSE orders re-exam due to paper leak:

The board’s on Wednesday issued an statement saying “Due to certain happenings in the conduct of examinations”. Board decided to re-conduct Class X Maths and Class XII Economics papers to “uphold sanctity of the board and in the interest of fairness to the students.”

“Dates for fresh examinations and other details shall be hosted on the CBSE website within a week,”

CBSE chief Anita Karwal said that the board had taken this decision in favour of students

“We have taken decision in favour of the students. We are working for their good. Dates for re-examination will be announced soon,”

Trending Tweets after CBSE orders re-exam due to paper leak

Well, Whatever the Board may say to escape from the situation but as far as I have understood in last few years, The governance of our educational institutions is becoming corrupt day by day. Our educational institutions are not capable of conducting a real examination. Let it be SSC exam or CBSE boards, the Government is continuously failing to safeguard the laws due few unwanted elements trying to mislead the system. It’s high time that the government must learn from its mistakes and take a harsh step to eradicate these kind of misconducts who discourage the youths of our nation.


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