Interview Tips for Canara Bank

Interview Tips for Canara Bank

Interview Tips for Canara Bank – Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to crack interview for Canara Bank

Interview Tips for Canara Bank

Canara Bank is one of the largest public sector banks owned by the Government of India. Its headquarters is in Bengaluru. It was established at Mangalore in 1906. it one of the oldest public sector banks in the country.

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An interview has become the most important process for every other Bank exam. After conducting Tier I and Tier II exam, most banks are conducting interviews. You need to crack interviews well if you want to get selected for your dream job for a career in banking.

Some important tips before you go for the interview is to carry your Admit card and Identity proof like AADHAR Card, PAN Card, Drivers license or voters id.

Some tips while going for the interview:

Go Dressed up Well for the interview.

If you are male – then wear Formal attire and shoes. Casuals are a big No No. Do not go dressed like as if you are going for a party or celebration. Remember that it is an interview. Be Clean Shaven, Comb your hair,

If you are Female- You can wear Indian or Western Formals. Just be well presentable and well dressed for the interview. Do not go dressed inappropriately like as if you are going for a marriage or party.

Some interview questions for Canara Bank Interview:

1.)Where are the Headquarters of Canara bank located?

Ans- Bangalore, Karnataka, India

2.)Who is the CEO of Canara bank?

Ans- Rakesh Sharma

3.)Who is the Founder of Canara bank?

Ans- Ammembal Subba Rao Pai

4.)When was the Canara bank is Incorporated?

Ans- In 1906

  1. Where was Canara Bank First established?

Ans-Canara Bank was first established in Mangalore

6.)In which year Canara bank become nationalised Bank of india?

Ans- In 1969

7.)Is Canara Bank a Publicly Listed Company or not?

Ans- It is a Publicly Listed Company

8.)Describe Network of Canara bank?

Ans- Canara bank network has 5641 branches and more than 7000 ATMs spread across India.

9.)What was the previous name of the Canara bank before it became a Nationalized bank?

Ans- Canara Bank Hindu Permanent Fund

10.) What is the Slogan/Tagline of Canara bank?

Ans- Together we Can

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11.)What are the Services provided by the Canara bank?

  • Consumer Banking
  • Commercial Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Retail Banking
  • Private Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Pensions
  • Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards

12.)What do you mean by a commercial bank?

Ans: A Commercial bank is a type of bank that provides services such as accepting deposits, making business loans, and offering basic investment products. The commercial bank can also refer to a bank or a division of a bank that mostly deals with deposits and loans from corporations or large businesses, as opposed to individual members of the public.

13.) What are some of the subsidiaries of Canara Bank?

  • CanBank Financial Services Ltd
  • Canara Bank, (Foreign branches)
  • Canara Bank
  • Canara Bank Securities
  • Canbank Computer Services Ltd
  • Canbank Factors Ltd
  • Canara Robeco
  • Canara Robeco Asset Management
  • Canara HSBC Oriental Bank Of Commerce Life Insurance Company Limited

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