Budget Review 2016 : A Drastic Change to Happen in India after the Budget Review of 2016 under Modi Government

Budget 2016 highlight, review

Budget Review 2016

2016 Budget Review has been accomplished by the Government recently. Different opinions came from the budget review associates and everything was discussed and cleared. A lot of modifications will be made to various sectors under the Government control. Some sectors will be continuing the way as it is. The funding in our country has been increased a lot, especially from the roads and irrigations.

The growth of our economy has been increased. Along with this, the foreign exchange has also reached the highest point.

  • In 2016, you can expect a hike in the air travel tickets.
  • The government will be exposing a hike of 6 % in excise duty for the jet fuel.
  • A plan for reviving almost 160 airports will also be planned this year.
  • A new health protection scheme will be provided to the families plus 3000 medical stores will be opened in various cities.
  • A new announcement was made by the Railway Minister regarding the increased percentage of sub-quota in reserved categories for women on the train. Likewise, the compartment in the center of the train will be reserved for women.
  • The Swachh Bharat Mission has built 80 lakh toilets and they will try to prevent open defecation that can cause a lot of illness in the country. The Government will be more concentrated in behavioral enhancement in the local people.
  • To save money the Government has also planned to change the current street lights to LED. By doing this there will be a huge amount of savings of nearly 45,000Crores.
  • For the youth, the government is planning for more education loan schemes from this year. Let India be a country where all the kids are educated. The Public Sector Banks will be receiving 25,000Crore to make our banks much stronger and competitive. The process for this for IDBI Bank has already begun.
  • The infrastructure facilities for the public are going to be enhanced by construction national highways. The state highways will also be renovated in many cities.
  • The Government has also announced the distribution of LPG Gas to the women under below poverty line. There are many other development procedures that have been initiated by the Government this year.

Let us all hope for a better change in our country.

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