BOB Manipal PO Exam Analysis 28th July 2018 & Questions Asked

BOB Manipal PO Exam Analysis 28th July 2018 & Questions Asked

Find the detailed BOB Manipal PO Exam Analysis for 28th July 2018 here along with the questions asked.

BOB Manipal PO Exam Analysis 28th July 2018 & Questions Asked

The BOB PO Manipal exam is scheduled on 28th July 2018. It will be held to fill 600 vacancies of Probationary Officer position. Only after successful completion of the 1 one-year programme in Manipal, they will hire you as a PO in Bank of Baroda. Here, we will provide the complete exam paper review. It will include overall as well as sectional difficulty level, weightage of questions, and questions asked. Scroll down to read more.

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BOB PO Exam Pattern

Section No. of Qs Marks Time
Reasoning & Computer Aptitude 50 75 2 hours 30 minutes
General (Financial) Awareness 40 40
Numerical Ability 40 50
English Language 35 35
English Descriptive Test 2 50 30 minutes

BOB PO Good Number of Attempts

Section Difficulty Level No. of Attempts
Reasoning & Computer Aptitude  Moderate 32 – 36
General (Financial) Awareness  Difficult 18 – 22
Numerical Ability  Moderate to Difficult 26 – 29
English Language  Moderate 20 – 22

BOB PO Reasoning & Computer Aptitude Analysis

Topics No. of Qs Difficulty Level
Puzzles, Seating Arrangement 20 Difficult
Logical Reasoning 4 Moderate
Blood Relation 3 Easy
Direction Sense 4 Easy
Syllogism 3 Moderate
Coding Decoding 4 Moderate
Data Sufficiency 4 Moderate
Inequality 3 Easy
Machine Input Output 5 Moderate
Total 50 Moderate

BOB PO General (Financial) Awareness Analysis

This section was tough.

BOB PO Numerical Ability Analysis

Topic No. of Qs Difficulty Level
Data Interpretation 17 Tough
Approximation 5 Easy to Moderate
Wrong Number Series 5 Moderate
Quantity-1, Quantity-2 4 Moderate
Data Sufficiency 5 Moderate
Arithmetic Word Problems 4 Moderate
Total 40 Moderate

BOB PO English Language Analysis

Topic No. of Qs Difficulty Level
Reading Comprehension 7 Moderate
Starters 5 Moderate
Double Fillers 5 Easy
Cloze Test 5 Easy
Sentence Rearrangement 5 Moderate
Error Detection 4 Moderate
Phrase Replacement 4 Moderate
Total 35 Moderate

BOB Manipal PO Exam Analysis – Descriptive Test Questions Asked

Letter Writing (one of the two)

  1. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper expressing your concern over the impact of paid news.
  2. Recently the results of 10th board exams were released. Your friend’s son who appeared in the examination has scored good overall marks but average in science. Your friend wants his son to choose the science stream against his wish. Write a letter to your friend convincing and guiding him to allow his son choose the right stream after class 10th.

Essay Writing (one of the two)

  1. Keeping animals in zoo is like keeping them in prison for our pleasure.
  2. Investment in share market: Risks and Rewards

BOB Manipal PO Exam Analysis – Questions Asked in Objective Test General Awareness

  • What is the full form of CMFS?
  • Who is the largest exporter in India?
  • NACH is run by?
  • What is the full form of WIPO?
  • Stockholm is the capital of?
  • Who is the highest remitter in the world?
  • What is the commonwealth innovation index rank of India?
  • Currency swap involves which risk?
  • Lakwar dam is built on which River?
  • In WIPO, what is P?
  • What is Currency Swap?
  • NACH is operated by?
  • Credit Rating Agencies is regulated by?
  • Monte Carlo Master winner 2018 is?
  • Ankit Raina is related to which sports?
  • Stockholm is the Capital of?
  • Shirui Lily festival is held in which state?
  • First IT company in India to cross 100 billion dollar mark?
  • When is United Nations Peacekeepers day?
  • Who is Chairman of Banks Board Bureau?
  • What is India’s rank in Commonwealth Innovation Index?
  • Jabalpur is on which River bank?
  • Gol Gumbaz is in which state?
  • Deoghar district is in which state?
  • Bandhan Bank got license in which year?

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2 thoughts on “BOB Manipal PO Exam Analysis 28th July 2018 & Questions Asked

  1. 1.World Malaria summit??
    2.Lakwar dam built on which River??
    3.In WIPO what is P?
    4.What is Currency Swap?
    5.NACH operated by which one?
    6.Credit Rating Agencies regulated by?
    7.Monte Carlo Master winner 2018?
    8.Ankit Raina related to which sports?
    9.Stacholm is the Capital of?
    10.Soverign gold band scheme maturity?
    11.Harimau Shakti military exercise between?
    12.Shirui Lilly festival in which state?
    13.First it company in India Cross 100b dollar mark?
    14.Uinted nations Peacekeepers day?
    15.Who is Chairman of Banks Board Bueroe?
    16.Insurance under AYUSHMAN BHAVA scheme?
    17.india rank in common wealth innovation index?
    18.india japan energy dialogue held in?
    19.Jabalpur on which River bank?
    20.Gol Gumbaz in which state?
    21.Deoghar district in which state?
    22.Bandhan Bank got license in which year?

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