Blood Relations Quiz for SSC JE , SSC CHSL, Delhi Police & UP SI

Blood Relations Quiz

Blood Relations Quiz- Get blood relations questions for SSC JE, SSC CHSL, Delhi Police & UP SI with memory based paper & tips to solve with common terms used in blood relations topic

Blood Relations Quiz for SSC JE , SSC CHSL, Delhi Police & UP SI

Blood Relations Quiz- Blood relations is one of the most interesting topics asked in the reasoning section. A good number of questions are asked from this topic in almost all competitive exams. Blood relations is a scoring topic as well. All you need is read the question properly, analyze the solution and you can land on the correct answer. We bring you blood relations quiz, a part of our daily quiz initiative. The objective behind is to create an expertise in solving blood relations questions asked in SSC JE, CHSL, Delhi Police & UP SI exams. Let us peek into some details regarding Blood relations quiz for SSC JE, CHSL, Delhi Police & UP SI.

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Why Blood Relations Quiz for SSC JE, CHSL, Delhi Police & UP SI by Toprankers?

You will definitely agree that blood relations is one of the craziest topics! It is tricky yet everyone loves solving the topic. But, blood relations topic could also be confusing at times. Wondering if you should attempt Blood relations quiz for SSC JE, CHSL, Delhi Police & UP SI? Here are a few reasons:

  • It is FREE! You don’t have to pay anything
  • You can attempt in both English & Hindi
  • Tests are designed by industry experts
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How to Solve Blood Relations Questions in competitive exams

Some common terms used:-

Some of the common terms used in family relationships are given below:

a) Parent – Mother or father

b) Child – Son or daughter (even if an adult)

c) Sibling – Brother or sister (Including half brother and half sister – one parent in common)

d) Spouse – Husband or wife

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Basic Relationships:-

Aunt, Uncle, Niece and Nephew

  • Your uncle is mostly your father’s brother, mother’s brother, father’s sister’s husband, or mother’s sister’s husband.
  • Aunt could be your father’s sister, mother’s sister, father’s brother’s wife, or mother’s brother’s wife.
  • Son of brother or sister is called nephew. Daughter of Brother or sister is called niece.
  • The children of aunt or uncle are referred to as cousins.

The family of ‘-in-law’


Father-in-law, Mother-in-law, Son-in-law and Daughter-in-law

  • Father-in-law is the father of spouse and mother-in-law is the mother of spouse.
  • The husband of daughter is son-in-law; the wife of son is daughter-in-law.
  • Sister-in-law could bei) The sister of spouse, orii) The wife of brother, oriii) The wife of spouse’s brother
  • Brother-in-law could be

i) The brother of spouse, or

ii) The husband of sister, or

iii)  The husband of spouse’s sister.

The relationships involving ‘Grand’ 

  • All relationships of the second generation are prefixed with “Grand”. Ex- Father’s/ Mother’s father- grand father, Father’s/ Mother’s mother- grand mother.

Advantages of Blood Relations Quiz for SSC JE, SSC CHSL, Delhi Police & UP SI

  • You will be able to identify your weak areas
  • Helps improve speed and accuracy
  • You will be able to learn time-management skills
  • Emulates the real-exam scenario
  • Quizzes are always fun!

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Gear up for the Blood Relations Quiz for SSC JE, SSC CHSL, Delhi Police & UP SI & know how prepared you are! Stay tuned for quizzes from other topics as well to enhance your exam preparation.

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