Blood Relation Questions with answers PDF FREE download – IBPS PO

Blood Relation Questions with answers PDF FREE download

Download Blood Relation Questions with answers PDF FREE for bank exams – Get Blood Relation Questions with answers PDF FREE download.

Blood Relation Questions with answers PDF FREE download

Blood Relation Questions with answers PDF FREE download- Blood Relation Questions with answers PDF FREE download- Blood Relations is one of the most vital topics asked in exams like IBPS PO. Yet, it is one of easiest topics of all topics asked in this section. Blood relation exactly doesn’t mean biological relation. There are family based relations along with biological relations. Blood relations questions revolve around relations like brother, mother, sister, father, brother, nephew, niece, cousins, grandparents, etc. The correct answer of any blood relation related question depends upon the knowledge who is related to whom and how.

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All you need to do is derive links from the clues given in the questions and frame those clues in the right manner. We, in this article, provide you blood relation questions with answers PDF with tricks to solve blood relation questions.

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Blood Relation Questions With Answers for IBPS PO Exams- Hierarchy

The hierarchy based on seven generations which is followed in blood relations questions is-

Generation Male Female
Three generations above↑↑↑ Great grandfather
Maternal great grandfather
Great grandfather-in-law
Great grandmother
Maternal great grandmother
Great grandmother-in-law
Two generations above ↑↑ Grandfather
Maternal grandfather
Maternal grandmother
One generations above ↑ Father, Uncle,
Maternal uncle, Father-in-law
Mother, Aunt
Maternal aunt, Mother-in-law
Current generation(Self) → Husband, Brother
Cousin, Brother-in-law
Wife, Sister
Cousin, Sister-in-law
One generation below ↓ Son
Two generations below ↓↓ Grandson
Grand daughter-in-law
Three generations below ↓↓↓ Great grandson
Great grandson-in-law
Great granddaughter
Great grand daughter-in-law

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Blood Relation Questions PDF for Bank ExamsImportant Blood Relations

Given below are few of the important blood relations and most of the questions asked revolve around these-

Father of grandfather or grandmother Great grandfather Daughter of father or mother Sister
Mother of grandfather or grandmother Great grandmother Son of second wife of father Step brother
Father of father or mother Grandfather Daughter of second wife of father Step sister
Mother of father or mother Grandmother Son/daughter of uncle/aunt Cousin
Wife of grandfather Grandmother Brother of husband or wife Brother-in-law
Husband of grandmother Grandfather Sister of husband or wife Sister-in-law
Father-in-law of father/mother Grandfather Husband of sister/sister-in-law Brother-in-law
Mother-in-law of father/mother Grandmother Son of father Oneself/Brother
Father’s father/mother only Father Mother of son/daughter Oneself/Wife
Only daughter-in-law of father’s father/father’s mother Mother Father of daughter/son Oneself/husband
Husband of mother Father Son of son of grandmother/grandfather Brother/Oneself
Wife of father Mother Daughter of son of grandmother/grandfather Cousin/Oneself
Second wife of father Step mother Son of brother or sister Nephew
Brother of father Uncle Daughter of brother/sister Niece
Brother of mother Maternal Uncle Grandson of father/mother Son/Nephew
Sister of father Aunt Granddaughter of father/mother Daughter or Niece
Sister of mother Maternal Aunt Husband of daughter Son-in-law
Husband of aunt Uncle Wife of brother/brother-in-law Sister-in-law
Wife of uncle Aunt Wife of son Daughter-in-law
Son of grandfather/grandmother Father/Uncle Son of son/Daughter Grandson
Daughter of father-in-law/mother-in-law of father Mother/Aunt Daughter of son/Daughter Granddaughter
Father of wife/husband Father-in-law Son’s/Daughter’s grandson Great Grandson
Mother of wife/husband Mother-in-law Son’s/Daughter’s granddaughter Great granddaughter
Children of same parents Siblings
Father’s/Mother’s only son/daughter Oneself
Son of father or mother Brother

Blood Relation Questions for IBPS PO- Types of Questions Asked

The different types of blood relation questions for IBPS PO exam are as follows-

  • Based on Dialogue or Conversation
  • Based on Puzzles
  • Based on Symbolically Coded

Blood Relations Questions for IBPS PO- Quick Tips to Solve Blood Relation Questions

  1. In these type of questions, draw family trees in line with details given in the question to come to the answer quickly.
  2. Read the question carefully once, twice or more than that if required. You may not understand the question at one go but you will understand when you read it more than once.
  3. Try to read the question slowly. When you read the question slowly, you get the meaning better instead of reading the question faster.

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