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Every individual should have at least an average knowledge in General Knowledge. It has to play a great importance in your daily life. You should be aware of things that are happening around you daily. In schools, students are being taught GK in primary classes. But that is not enough for you to survive in many other major fields.

In India, there are many entrance examinations being conducted every year for the students. General Knowledge is one of the most crucial sections in many of these tests. For e.g. entrance Exams like MAT, CAT and CLAT will have a section of GK questions in the test.  Here are a few preparation tips for the candidates preparing GK for various entrance tests.

Best Preparation Tips for General Knowledge

You watch television every single day. Have you ever assumed that watching TV can enhance your GK? But movie or music channels will not gain you general awareness. Watch news channels daily for some time to increase your knowledge about current affairs.

Should you keep a note?

Yes, maintaining a note of various current affairs and other general knowledge will help you go through it later whenever required. In a note, you can always mention important dates or events along with the people involved or any other details related to an affair.

Is reading one of your hobbies?

You are lucky if you love to read. Never miss newspapers. Read all the important affairs happening in your country. You can also make use of journals or any other book on General Knowledge. Likewise, you can surf the internet daily. The Internet is something that can give you a lot of information about the current affairs and history as well. There are a number of news sites online. Make the best use of it. You can even bookmark important pages and read later.

General Knowledge section will be different for various entrance tests. Get to know about the syllabus first and then start preparing your GK section accordingly. No matter what, keep reading daily. This will surely gain you a lot of knowledge and understanding.


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