Best Preparation Tips for CLAT Exam

best preparation tips for clat exam

Law is one of the highly competitive examinations across the country. Every year, there are numerous candidates taking Law exams. CLAT is one such entrance exam that offers UG and PG courses in various Law Universities. Candidates appearing for CLAT 2020 Exam must go through this post to get an idea about how to prepare for each subject. Learn subject-wise CLAT Preparation Tips for cracking the exam

Latest: As per the CLAT Latest News, the exam is scheduled on 22nd August 2020 in online mode. Aspirants can check out the last minute preparation tips and enhance their preparation.

Best CLAT Preparation Tips Highlights

There are various ways for cracking the highly competitive law exam, CLAT. Let’s start with some highlights for the preparation. Read the following to know the same:

  • Make a study schedule according to the comfort level and stick to it. There should not be any day where you do not follow it. Persistence is the key
  • Do not miss any topic from the CLAT Syllabus, make sure you have gone through it and revised each one of them
  • After checking the topics in the Syllabus must make a list of all the topics you personally find difficult and do not have much idea about them
  • Also, do not forget to check the very important and detailed CLAT Exam Pattern
  • CLAT strategies are something one depends on and that is why they should be strong because it is not easy to crack the paper without the effortless dedication
  • One of the best things to fuel the CLAT Preparation is to practice CLAT Previous Year Question Papers. Solve more and more question papers to know the difficulty level of the exam.
  • All the subjects are equally important and require similar effort and attention
  • Candidates must go through the short cuts but they must not rely on the short-cuts, they should be aware of the proper concept and understand of each topic in the syllabus

Best Preparation Tips for CLAT Exam (Important)

Concentration and preparing the topics well on the basis of the syllabus would be helpful for the student to save a lot of time and being attentive to the important sections. Some of the basic CLAT exam preparation tips which would be handy for students who are going to appear for CLAT exam are as follows:

  • Speed: The most important factor that will assist the students to land in the Merit List is to work on the speed in the exam. For that, candidates would have to work on their time management skills. As the exam lasts for 2 hours, students are supposed to complete 150 questions, they must try to solve questions quickly and speedily
  • Accuracy: If one is solving questions quickly, it doesn’t mean it is fine to answer incorrectly. Along with the speed, accuracy is equally important. If it is not there, then speed has no value
  • Time management: Managing time effectively is an art and all the CLAT candidates must be pros at it. Try to choose the questions that you are capable to solve in the beginning and then move on to the time-consuming questions and solve them
  • Practice: As we just discussed, solve those questions, first, which are not going to consume a lot of your time. Practice more and more like the repetition of anything will never let you be forgetful about it. Add solving MCQs as a chief parameter in your preparation strategy. Do not stop practicing until the last day. This will help in improvising the performance and help you extremely with managing time
  • Do not leave anything for the end: Read and practice all the sections and topics that are included in the syllabus, thoroughly. One must not start preparing and beginning the new topics in the last few days of the paper. Revise the questions you have already practiced
  • Previous Question Papers to the rescue: This is something very compulsorily done because solving previous papers will help the candidates to understand the paper pattern ni a far better way. Also, practicing them will give an actual feel of the exam. This will help to manage time, too
  • Set a goal: In the morning, at the time of beginning with the study schedule, keep some things on the target and just make sure they are completed within the day. Challenge yourself to achieve more
  • Confidence is the key: All the candidates who are going to take the exam should keep themselves calm and composed. Be confident and keep a positive attitude towards this. To prevent the last minute hustle, one must keep their admit card and stationary ready at one place.

Best Preparation Tips for CLAT Exam (Section-wise)

Read the following for the best preparation tips for the CLAT Exam (section-wise):

English Language

Do not take English lightly. One can actually score full marks in it. Just a little concentration is required. With that, it is very important to understand concepts. Go through the CLAT English Preparation Tips for cracking the section easily.

  • English Section will test one’s grasp over Grammar and vocabulary
  • Regular reading will help a lot. Be it a newspaper or any magazine that covers contemporary events well. Reading will help build good vocabulary skills as well as let you be in touch with the news across the world
  • Do not forget to practice error detection questions and sentence correction. They are very easy and will help gain more marks in the paper
  • Learn 3-4 new words every and make sentences using them
  • Watch English Sitcoms OR documentaries with subtitles. This can enhance one’s understanding of spoken English and is also handy at the time of attempting questions on the sentence completion section
  • Try talking to others in English. Form a conversation and see where you can take it. In the beginning, it may feel and you might make mistakes or stammer but soon confidence will kick in

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

GK is a very important section in CLAT and equally important, too. Read the following for the CLAT GK Preparation Tips:

  • There will be a total of 50 questions in the General knowledge section of CLAT. This section is one of the most scoring subjects in CLAT if you study with interest in history, current affairs and about the economy and business
  • Make reading a Newspaper a daily routine and do not forget to watch the news for at least 30 minutes a day. It will give you some idea of what is happening across the world. Try to know what is happening and why is it happening

best preparation tips for CLAT Exam

Legal Aptitude

Candidates get scared whenever it comes to this section when actually there is nothing to worry about. Read the following CLAT Legal Aptitude Preparation Tips in order to crack the Legal Aptitude Section:

  • Before assuming the answers, try to apply the facts and make sure it is correct
  • Apply strict principles while attempting this section which is thinking logically and reasonably and not with the emotions
  • Select the option that comes nearest to the given legal principle and the elimination of techniques can be put to use
  • Avoid selecting an option which is given on the basis of the moral considerations
  • The best way to learn new facts and ideas is to read the newspaper every day at least 15 minutes
  • Solve as many mock tests/previous year question papers and sample papers you can. It will enhance knowledge of the type of questions that appear in the exam
  • If one has a piece of good knowledge regarding Amendment, Fundamental right, Judgement and Recommendations & Chairpersons of the law commissions, they can effortlessly crack the paper
  • One should concentrate more on topics of Legal GK section and keeping touch the newspaper daily/watching news channels. Moreover, it will not only help to answer Legal Aptitude GK questions but also will aid in CLAT GK section

Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning is one of the fun sections. If the candidate will study with interest, they will enjoy the preparation which will increase the chance of cracking this section even more. Here are a few important CLAT Logical Reasoning Preparation Tips to boost your preparation.

  • This section examines the candidate’s understanding when it comes to identifying different patterns and how they apply logical links at different places
  • Before answering the question, rather than rushing, spend some time on it and ponder over the possibilities of the question. The most minute explanations regarding why each option is correct or incorrect would come into your mind
  • Do not assume or use any data that the question fails to provide you. ONLY consider the details which are indicated in each comprehensive passage at the time of selecting among the alternative answers
  • One must go through both the factual passage as well as the sentence completion guidelines thoroughly. Both should be taken into serious consideration before marking the final response
  • Make sure you have read all the choices carefully before removing or selecting any one of them
  • The students can use some tricks and shortcut techniques in order to solve problems. But we would strictly recommend that one should not rely on short-cuts. Understanding a concept is very important
  • The candidates shall solve questions every day to get a good grasp of it as a lot of practice has to be there
  • The aspirants shall also prepare for the logical reasoning section by regularly solving crossword puzzles, Sudoku, riddles, etc.


Do not get all panicky about this section. If one is calmly preparing for this section, they can easily crack it. Read the following CLAT Maths Preparation Tips for better preparation.

  • This section is only for a total of 20 marks out of 200 and the questions in the paper are of elementary level. One can easily score 20 marks if they prepare with focus and dedication
  • Students must strengthen up their basics to get a good grasp on the basic topics
  • The practice is the key to Mathematics, so students should practice as many mock tests as possible for this section

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