Bank or Insurance Which Job is better- Get Pros and Cons Here

Bank or Insurance Which Job is better

Bank or Insurance Which Job is better?- Get here all the details of banking and insurance sector jobs, growth, career opportunities, Pros & Cons

Bank or Insurance Jobs Which Job is Better?

Bank or Insurance Jobs Which Job is Better?- Many students and job aspirants still have a chaos in choosing a right path for their career. Banking and Insurance jobs sometimes sound the same but there are many points which differentiate the both in many aspects.

Here, in this article on “Bank or Insurance Which Job is better?”, We are going share each and every detail related to banking and insurance jobs and will also know what are the Pros and cons of having Bank and Insurance Jobs in India.

Bank or Insurance Which Job is better? Banking Jobs- An Overview

Banking Sector jobs are the most high-rated jobs in India. A large number of young Indian aspirants apply for bank Jobs every year as a job in a good bank is the ultimate dream of any student who wants a career in banking sector. Getting bank jobs is a matter of prestige and pride especially in a government sector bank. There are many exams to attempt for a job in banking sector like IBPS, IBPS RRB, SBI and many other bank exams.

Bank jobs are not just a matter of having a social status but it also provides security and promotional growth to an employee in his or her whole lifetime. Many candidates choose bank jobs rather than a job in an IT or private sector organization as bank job has lots of advantages but with many benefits, there are also some cons associated with Bank jobs.

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Banking Jobs- Pros and Cons


With the expansion of banking activities towards the rural and other suburban areas, the banking jobs demand has been very high. Following are some of the benefits of having a bank job:

Security– The first and foremost important factor which attracts students to pursue bank jobs is that it provides a job security in especially government sector bank jobs. You won’t get fired so easily only if you do something illegal or against the rules which make banking sector jobs the most popular jobs amongst others.

Salary– A good job equals to a good salary. Bank jobs not just provide security but also offers great salary packages at entry level.

Growth opportunities – Growth opportunities in bank jobs are immense as compared to other sectors as well as you get promotions on time.There is no need to beg for Promotions in a bank job if you are capable enough you can reach higher levels.

Good Learning EnvironmentBank jobs offers learning environment about new policies, loan/credit schemes as there are a wide variety of loans/advances/credit schemes offered to individuals, companies, firms etc and you can learn all these by just cracking a bank job.

Provides Work-Life balance– Bank jobs bank jobs have more holidays as compared to others. More than you would expect in any private organization. This means no festivals missed with the family.


No room for error – Bank jobs are secure but it is also a highly responsible job as there is no room for error in bank jobs.

Work Pressure Bank sector can be sometimes hectic as there is a target which has to be achieved at times at any cost.

Boring and less creative– As bank job is secure there is not much pressure of losing your job hence it makes bank jobs boring and less creative.

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Bank or Insurance Which Job is better? Insurance Jobs- An Overview

On the other hand, there are Insurance jobs which are also opted by many students as their career. Whether you’re ready for a career change or looking to move up in your career, don’t overlook the many perks of working in the insurance industry. In addition to an influx of job opportunities over the next decade, insurance industry professionals enjoy a number of benefits that are hard to find in other career paths.

Insurance is one of the biggest sectors in the Indian economy. It contributed to about 4.10% of the nation’s GDP in the year 2011-12. The sector employs more than 2 lakh people as officers and in the operational cadre.

Here are some pros and cons of Insurance jobs:


Job Stability and Opportunities

Whether you enter the field as an insurance agent, sales manager, marketing assistant, or underwriter, you can look forward to a variety of job opportunities and career stability in the field.

Top Career in Sales and Marketing

Once you are in the insurance job industry, you can make your career in sales and marketing with a thorough experience in sales and marketing.

High Commissions

One of the benefits of working in insurance job sector is that when you work on your own you have the potential to make more money than you would as a salaried worker. As a salesperson, you have clear incentives to sell more–your commissions than a salaried worker.

Job Security

People need insurance, and they are going to need insurance for a long time. People need health insurance to cover their medical expenses, auto insurance to cover their car repairs, life insurance and so on. As long as people are in need of insurance, there is a job security for all the insurance agents out there.


Self- Starters Only

While working as an insurance agent, you typically don’t go into an office five days a week, work at your desk, and collect a salary. Most insurance salespeople work independently, making their own hours and working from their own resources. While this kind of freedom is desirable for many, it requires that you wake up every day with a plan of action to achieve your goals

Unpredictable Pay

The problem with working on commission is, of course, that the sales person’s pay structure is not necessarily steady and predictable. The security of a stable wage is desirable for many, and this security might not be found in insurance job sector.

Building Up Your Clients

It may take you some time to build up all those clients with years of calling and traveling which also makes insurance jobs a little bit hectic.

Conclusion- Bank or Insurance Which Job is better

At last, we can conclude that both the jobs have got its advantages and disadvantages. As the proverb says, “Every advantage has got its disadvantage”. If you are a sales oriented person you can opt for Insurance jobs and if your dream job is a banking desk job, then you can opt for Banking sector jobs.

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We hope that the above article on ‘Bank or Insurance Which Job is better?’ Just choose any field wisely and


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