Bank of India SO Job profile

Bank of India SO Job profile

Bank of India SO Job profile for Credit Officer – Roles and Responsibilities of Specialist Officer for Credit.

Bank Of India SO Job Profile

Bank Of India has released notification for the recruitment of JMGS Scale I Credit Officer. There are 158 vacancies for the post of JMGS Scale I Credit Officer. Selection of Specialist Officers will be through written test and interview.The specialist Officer role for Bank Of India is for Credit officer or Loan Officer. The job involves giving loans and credit to both business customers and even retail customers. At times, the jobs involve high risk and at times there is low risk based on the loans or credit that is given by the bank. As a Credit Officer, you are working in a bank and this involves dealing with all types of customers who are poor, middle class or rich. Its an interesting job as a credit officer and you have to decide on the creditworthiness of the loan and process the credit or loan.

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Bank of India SO Job profile:

Important Roles and Responsibilities of Credit Officer or Loan officer:

  1. Assessing the financial status of the client
  2. Looking at creditworthiness and the risks involved
  3. Contact the client to gather important documents
  4. Approve or Reject the loan requests
  5. Calculate Interest rates
  6. Calculate Credit score of the client
  7. Look At earnings statement, bank records, and tax statement of the applicant
  8. Monitor the processing of the loan
  9. Set up of payment plans
  10. Understand lending procedures
  11. Create and process spreadsheets related to finance
  12. Analytical Skills and ability to make a study
  13. Understanding behavior of loan or credit applicant
  14. Customer Service
  15. Understand the needs of both B2B and B2C clients
  16. Ability to simplify complex financial jargons to the client
  17. Explain various financial products available under your offerings
  18. Update the files and records
  19. Ensure that credit or loan agreements follow the policies of the organization
  20. Stay updated with the latest trends in Credit and Loans
  21. Address the grievances and complaints of Customers

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