How to Avoid Failure in Competitive Exams – The Secret to Success!

How to Avoid Failure in Competitive Exams

How to Avoid Failure in Competitive Exams – Learn the secret to success!

How to Avoid Failure in Competitive Exams

Failure feeds on fear… Yes, your fear of failure may be the sole reason for its survival. Did you ever consider that? If yes, great! You have already taken the first step towards success. The only thing you need to know after that is – if you are human, you WILL fail. Without failure, there’s no learning. Tell me, if you can, which person has never failed in some aspect at some point in time. As the famous quote by Einstein goes – “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new“. It is better to make mistakes instead of doing nothing in the fear of failure. Scroll down to read the secret to success!

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How to Avoid Failure in Competitive Exams

* Look towards the Stars

When you look at those shining stars – those big celebrities – all you will see is success and prosperity. Honestly, have we ever tried to see beyond the surface charisma? What lies beyond all that fame and money… No, it’s not all glittery.

What we fail to look at is their hard work. And most importantly, the failures. We don’t look at their journey but the destination i.e. success. The best example, in this case, would definitely be Steve Jobs. He dropped out of college… Was fired from his own company… And look at what he has built now! Only after facing failures, he came face-to-face with success. And tremendous success – with the name of a simple fruit.

* Learn to Embrace Failure

In the journey towards success, it’s important to keep learning new things. The most important matter to learn here is how to embrace failures. We have to accept failure without getting depressed. It’s okay to feel bad about it – it’s normal to feel so. However, it can’t extend to devastation. You can’t stop going forward in life due to one setback or multiple.

Only by accepting and embracing failure, we can achieve success in life.

* Tread cautiously

Now, let’s move forward to the exam scenarios in particular. The majority of competitive exams have objective type paper and negative marking applies. And many candidates make the mistake of attempting questions they aren’t sure of. It’s advisable not to touch such questions. Only mark those questions which you are 100% sure of. Guesswork does nothing but reduce your total marks. Be cautious!

* Remember format and pattern

You must keep the exam pattern and format in mind while attempting questions. In many exams, sectional cut-off as well as sectional timing applies. So, you need to clear the sectional cut-off first before attempting more of the same section. Overall cut off is obviously important to score more marks. But, sometimes, it has so happened that students have cleared the overall cutoff and yet failed the exam. This has happened due to not attempting enough questions of some sections. You may be weak in some sections but ensure to prepare well enough to at least clear the sectional cut off.

* Learn when to put a Comma and a Full Stop

As in all cases, in competitive exams too, you need to know when to stop. If you are stuck at one question – trying again and again, wasting precius time, to solve it – you need to put the ‘comma’ there. Move on to the next question. When you have come to the end of the paper, you can go back to that tough question – if you still have time. If once again, you aren’t able to solve it, just put the ‘full stop’ on it. Know that you have done well and a few unattempted questions doesn’t matter.

* Set free the negativity

Once you fail, you need to come to terms with its repercussions. Only by letting your emotions take over you completely for some period of time, you will be able to let all of that negativity go. Bottling up your emotions – like so many people do nowadays – doesn’t help in the long term.

Get in touch with your emotions. And let them flow. As time passes, you will feel lighter and be ready to step forward with double the determination.

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