AFCAT Exam Day Instructions 2019

The students who are going to take the AFCAT Exam on August 24 & 25, 2019 must be aware of the AFCAT Exam Day Instructions before they step into the exam hall. Any candidate who does not follow the guidelines will get their exam paper canceled right away.

AFCAT Exam Day Instructions 2019

First and foremost thing is that the students must not forget to carry their AFCAT Admit Card in the exam hall. Any student without their hall ticket will not be allowed to enter the exam center, in the first place. Read the following for more relevant information:

  • Students shall not try to communicate in the exam hall with anyone
  • If any candidate has a query with the invigilator, they shall raise their hand and indicate to them in order to call them
  • It is important that the AFCAT Exam Center must have pin-drop silence
  • Candidates must not mark or write anything on the OMR sheet and question paper given to them
  • If anything marked is found on any candidate’s sheet on their desk, their exam will be canceled
  • Students must not get up from their seats till the time the invigilator permits them
  • When the exam ends, students shall leave the hall mannerly and not in hurry, there must be no nuisance of any kind

AFCAT 2019 Exam Instructions – Banned Items

The items mentioned below are banned in the exam hall of AFCAT. If any individual is found with the following objects, their exam will be canceled on the spot.

  • Stationery Items are not allowed like pouch, calculators, pencil box, pen drive, paper chits, scale, any kind of textual material, electronic pen, etc.
  • Items like handbags, goggles, hairband, camera, belt, hairpins, wristwatches, metallic items, etc. are not permitted in the hall
  • Any kind of eatable items are unauthorized in the hall
  • Electronic Devices like Bluetooth, Phones, earphones, pager, microphone, health band, etc.
  • Any item which has the possibility to be used for any kind of unfair means
  • The students shall keep their belongings outside the exam hall
  • The ornaments like nose pin, bands, chains, etc. will be thoroughly checked before the students enter the exam hall

AFCAT Exam Day Instructions – End of the exam

The students should not leave the exam hall even if there are 15 minutes left. Candidates can only go out of the exam center when the invigilators have finished collecting everyone’s OMR sheets and they indicate that candidates can leave.

  • Aspirants should not talk to each other/communicate till the time they are inside the exam hall
  • Candidates should make sure they have submitted their answer sheets to the invigilator successfully
  • Once the invigilator has indicated, the candidates should silently and quickly leave the exam hall. There should be no noise at the time of leaving the exam hall
  • Nobody shall throw anything useless in the exam hall at the time of leaving it
  • Let the desk be clean and clear while you leave the hall

afcat exam day instructions

In case of misconduct

It is firmly suggested to all the students who are going to appear in the AFCAT Exam 2019 that they must not create any nuisance in the examination hall. If anyone is found misbehaving in the center in any respect, shall face negative results.

The candidates who will be found guilty of the following will not be entertained at all:

  1. Using or carrying any banned items in the exam hall
  2. Trying to impersonate/mimic anyone
  3. Misbehaving or raising the voice at the time of the exam or during the interview
  4. Using the candidature in the wrong means in any way

The negative consequences confronted by the candidates will be the following:

  • They can be disqualified from the exam immediately
  • Debarred on temporarily/permanent basis from the recruitment process
  • If anything is not taken into consideration at the time of the selection process but after the selection process, the disqualification will still be valid for that student

AFCAT Interview Day Instructions

The students who will be selected for the interview round should bring their print out copy of AFCAT Application Form. Moreover, they must bring the self-attested photocopies of all the relevant and mandatory documents along with 3-4 of their passport size photographs.

Candidates who do not bring the required papers/documents in the interview round should not be permitted to be a part of it, any longer.

  • Canvassing of any kind will directly lead to exam cancellation 
  • The aspirants who have, once, submitted their application forms cannot withdraw it by any means
  • Moreover, the candidates will not get the refund for the fee paid for the application form
  • The caste certificates for those candidates who belong to SC/ST/OBC/PWD/EWS categories are considerably required to show
  • There shall be no spelling mistakes in the application form or any official document at the time of the final recruitment. All the words (Name, Father’s Name, etc.) shall match with the original papers/documents
  • The aspirants who will be shortlisted for the interview round will get an e-mail/SMS. No letters/posts will be sent to anyone’s address
  • Students must keep updating with their e-mail time-to-time in order to see if there are e-mails from the officials
  • Those who have work experience in government areas should provide the “No Objection Certificate” during the interview round
  • In case any document is recognized as false or fake, the student will be disqualified right away
  • Once the application form is submitted, all the requests in order to alter anything in the form will be rejected

AFCAT 2019 Exam Center Guidelines

The candidates must definitely be aware of the exam center instructions which are elaborated as follows:

  • The candidates must select only one exam center according to their choice and should mention in their application form. The final exam center location will be finalized for all the students by the officials themselves
  • The candidates will get a text message/SMS and/or e-mail in regard to their details of exam center, exam time and exam date
  • The request to alter or change the exam center/venue will not be taken into consideration by the officials
  • The AFCAT officials do hold any right to make changes/shifts in regard to the exam centers like addition or discretion, depends upon the feasibility at that point of time
  • Candidates shall manage the expenses to reach the exam center themselves

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