AFCAT Exam Analysis 19th August 2018 & Questions Asked

AFCAT Exam Analysis 19th August 2018

The second day of AFCAT 2 exam is successfully over by now. And here, we have provided the detailed AFCAT Exam Analysis 19th August 2018. You can find the overall as well as sectional difficulty level, good number of attempts, topic weightage, and all the questions asked. This exam review will help you prepare for the upcoming shifts in a better way. Please do make proper use of the paper review.

AFCAT Exam Analysis 19th August 2018

The exam is held in only one shift today unlike yesterday. The exam starts at 9:45 A.M. and the EKT exam starts at 12:15 P.M. Find the AFCAT 2 Exam Analysis 2018 in detail below. You can also check the AFCAT Exam Analysis 2018 – 18th August (Shift 1 & Shift 2)

AFCAT Exam Analysis for 19th August 2018 – No. of Good Attempts

Section Difficulty Level Good Attempts
English Language Moderate  16-17 ( Out of 25)
Quantitative Aptitude Moderate  12-13( Out of 18)
Reasoning Ability Easy   27-18 (Out of 32)
General Awareness Easy   21-22 (Out of 25)
Overall Easy – Moderate   69-74

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Find the questions asked in Numerical Ability below.

  1. If the speed has to be increased by 10% in certain distance, by how much % time should be decreased?
  2. 5 dogs eat 5 biscuits in 5 minutes. Then, in how much time will 10 dogs eat 10 biscuits?
  3. Overall average of innings is 54. When the duck innings is also included, the average increase by 3. If 186 runs of innings is not included, then tell no. of duck innings.
  4. Printing costs 10%, managing costs 20%, labour costs 15%, and other than these Rs.110/- for other costs. Find the cost of the product.
  5. Two things are sold at the same price. For first, he gains 10% but overall gets a loss of 12%. Find the approximate loss/profit % for other.
  6. Amount becomes 8 times in 3 years compounded annually. Find Rate.
  7. Amount of 5000 becomes 5671 in 2 years, compounded annually. Find approximate rate of interest.

General Awareness AFCAT 2 Exam Analysis

Find the questions asked in General Knowledge below.

  1. Where is the largest coal mine in India?
  2. Which was the first state to declare Hindi as an official state language?
  3. Who is the President of IMF?
  4. Who wrote the autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar?
  5. Where was the first congress meeting held ?
  6. Who is the inventor of typewriter?
  7. 1st test cricket century for India
  8. Who is the Wisden Award Indian cricket player of 20th century?
  9. What is the eastern most point of our country?
  10. Bullfight is the national game of which country?
  11. Where is INS Kadamba?
  12. Under which PM, India conducted the nuclear test in 1998?
  13. In which dynasty, Konark and Sun Temple were made?
  14. Pristina is the capital of which state?
  15. Rial is the capital of which country?
  16. Players of which sport are called as cagers?
  17. What is the study of atmosphere climate monsoon?
  18. In which atmospheric layer, temperature increases with altitude?
  19. Sergey Bubka broke the record 35 times in which field?
  20. Who converted Kanishka to Buddhism?
  21. Mir Bakshi in Akbar’s kingdom looked after which activity?

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English Language AFCAT Analysis

Find the questions asked in English Language & Comprehension below.

  1. What’s the synonym of:
    1. Fortuitous
    2. Prevaricate
    3. Momentous
    4. Aver
  2. Idioms & Phrases:
    1. Take a rain check

Reasoning Ability AFCAT 2 Analysis

Find the questions asked in Reasoning Ability below.

  1. Pituitary:Brain::Thymus:?
  2. Venn Diagram:
    1. Books, novels, pens
    2. Doctors, married people, people with beard
  3. Non-verbal reasoning topics including patterns and figures

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