AFCAT Exam Analysis 18th August 2018 & Questions Asked

AFCAT Exam Analysis 18th August 2018

The first shift of the first day of AFCAT 2 exam is successfully over by now. And here, we have provided the detailed AFCAT Exam Analysis 18th August 2018. You can find the overall as well as sectional difficulty level, good number of attempts, topic weightage, and all the questions asked. This exam review will help you prepare for the upcoming shifts in a better way. Please do make proper use of the paper review.

AFCAT Exam Analysis 18th August 2018 – Paper was moderate

AFCAT 2, 18th august shift 2 paper was similar to the shift 1 paper. In Reasoning sections, many verbal ability questions were repeated from 2014/15/16. Numerical ability section was difficult for this shift students as well. You can also check the analysis of AFCAT 2 2018 , 19th August.

AFCAT Questions Asked on 18th August

Here are the list of questions asked in AFCAT 2 2018 exam.

Questions Asked in General Awareness section in AFCAT

  • Who was the first woman to win olympics medal for India? – Karnam Malleshwari
  • What is the color of olympic rings? – VIBGYOR
  • Who is the author of Little Cooper Penny? Answer : Stephenie Barker
  • One question relarted to desert
  • What caused the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre?
  • What was the term used for measurement of land in the Delhi Sultanate period?
  • Riga is the capital of which country?
  • Where is Indira Point located?
  • Smallest Mountain Peak of the world?
  • Who is the author of the book “Underground” ?
  • JAXA is an aerospace agency of which country?
  • Vitamin which is responsible for blood clotting?
  • Oldest Veda?
  • Jude Felix is a famous Indian player in which of the fields?
  • Satyajit Ray received Bharat Ratna in which year?
  • The light year is unit of ?
  • Degree of tropic of cancer?
  • Who is known as the Little corporal?
  • Member of lok sabha during first election?
  • Author of the underground railroad?
  • In which country Baikonur cosmodrome is located?
  • First indigenously built fighter aircraft by India?
  • Which act is known as the Black Act?
  • Tachometer used to measure?
  • Mont Blanc is situated in?
  • “Double fault” is related to which sport?
  • ‘Lona’ is the term associated with which sports?
  • Which place is the Key to the Mediterranean Sea?
  • Capital of Estonia?
  • War fought between Shershah and Humayun in the year 1540AD?
  • Island between Russia and Japan ?
  • Who was the captain of Indian hockey team when India won its first gold medal?
  • In which of the following places, olympics is not held more than once? Options : London, Greece, Athens and Paris
  • Blastic Cup is associated to which game?
  • Hookpass is associated to which game?
  • Who discovered the ancient art of dance?
  • How many timeouts each set of volleyball has?
  • Goa was acquired by India in which year?
  • Who was recently made world record in Long jump?
  • Where is UKSA space agency located?
  • What is biome?
  • Mike Powell long jump record in meters?
  • First ever women PM in the world?
  • What is the Radcliffe Line?
  • Who was the first posthumous recipient of Bharat Ratna ?
  • Hindu Sanskrit Book Natya Shastra is written by?
  • How many timeouts can a team take in volleyball?

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Questions Asked in Numerical Ability in AFCAT 2018.

  • This section was moderate for most of the aspirants. 2 questions were from Time & Work , 1 from TDS , 1 from Profit & Loss, 2 questions from SI & CI.
  • Some of the questions asked in today’s exam are:
  • a/b+c = b/a+c = c/a+b = Lambda,which of the following does lamda take? -1, 1/2, -1 or 1/2 , none
  • root of .0064 + root of .0081 find most appropriate answer?
  • 256 power .16 + 16 power .18 most appropriate
  • The difference between compound interest and simple interest in the 3rd year at a rate of 10% is 77.5 rupees is??
  • Two horses sold at 1200/-each . first one on a profit of 20% and second one is in 20%loss .the overall profit/loss in percentage is?
  • The average of 5/16 and 3.6% is?
  • A and B make a 221 metre in 100/ 9 day . They both working on alternate days A starting the work make the same wall in 89/4 days . They both work together make a wall of double length to that wall and get 1800 rupees find the share of B in it?
  • Efficiency of A,B and C is in the ratio 4:5:6. What is the ratio of the time in which they complete the work?
  • Someone purchase egg in ₹100. 20% eggs break. Now on how much he should sold the remaining egg to get net profit of 10 %?
  • A bank give 16% interest per annum compounded semi annually. What interest a man get on amount of ₹10000 in 2 years?
  • √ 0.0081+ √ .0064=?
  • 56^0.16×16^0.18=?
  • If there is 25% increase in the cost of sugar by what % consumption should be decreased in order to maintain expenditure?
  • Average marks of a class are 70. if average marks of fail students are 40 and pass student is 80 marks. find % of pass students?
  • Population of a village increase 5% annually . if in2016 population 1852200 , find population in 2014?
  • If the difference between CI and SI is 77.5 Rs in 3yrs at 10% p.a . Find the sum ?
  • An alloy has an element in 2:3 in how many steps will A be more than 50% increase 20% of A and 5% of B each time ?
  • Avg of 3.6 and 20% is?
  • A man brought 2 horse 4 1200 each if he gives 10% discount he gets 10% profit.. wat is the % of loss or gain if he gives 20% discount?
  • A mixture of 250 ml of milk and water is 7:2 if water is added to the mixture the ratio becomes 7:3 …what amount of water is added to the mixture?
  • Average age of 25 students is 16yrs …if a teacher is added the average age becomes 18 yrs …if another teacher is replaced dat teacher what is the age of new born teacher?
  • (0.0081)1/2 + (0.0064)1/2 = ?
  • √6140+√6554 = ?
  • 729ml of milk contains milk and water in ratio 7:2 how much water is to be added in the mixture to make the ratio 7:3?

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Questions Asked in Reasoning Section in AFCAT 2018

  • Admiral, Colonel, Commodore, and Commander.
  • prism, cube, cone and square
  • Thief/Criminal/Police – Venn Diagram
  • Animals/Amphibian/Tortoise – Venn Diagram
  • Haryana/ Gurgaon/Punjab/Ludhiana – Venn Diagram
  • Verbal Skills and Spatial Ability
  • Idioms-
  • By dint of
  • At dagger’s drown
  • At sixes and sevens
  • Forest:zoo::sea:?

Questions Asked in English Section in AFCAT 2018

  • Idiom : A white elephant
  • Complete the idiom : A woman want to take the responsibility of mother as well as father………………?
  • Defunct -Synonyms
  • Brawn -Synonyms
  • DebilitateSynonyms
  • Daunt – Synonyms
  • Capricious -Synonyms
  • Umbrage  -Synonyms
  • Tranquility – Antonyms
  • Brawny – Antonyms

AFCAT Exam Analysis for 18th August 2018 Shift 2 – No. of Good Attempts

Section Difficulty Level Good Attempts
English Language  Moderate  17-18 (Out of 25)
Quantitative Aptitude  Difficult  11-12 (Out of 18)
General Intelligence  Easy  28-29(Out of 32)
General Awareness  Easy  20-22(Out of 25)
Overall  Moderate  68 – 75

AFCAT Exam Analysis 18th August Shift 1 2018 – Paper was moderate

The AFCAT exam is held in two shifts today; the first shift from 9:45 A.M. and the second shift from 2:45 P.M.

AFCAT Exam Analysis for 18th August 2018 Shift 1 – No. of Good Attempts

Section Difficulty Level Good Attempts
English Language  Moderate  16-18 (Out of 25)
Quantitative Aptitude  Difficult  10-12 (Out of 18)
General Intelligence  Easy  29-30 (Out of 32)
General Awareness  Easy – Moderate  20-22(Out of 25)
Overall  Moderate  68 – 75

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