9 tips to ace the Common Law Admission Test 2016

Tips for clat all india test 2016

CLAT 2016 exam is so near all you have is just a few days. We know that these days are crucial for every law aspirant. From making a strategic plan to study every important CLAT 2016 question type to practicing CLAT mock papers, the aspirants must understand the importance of time management, speed and accuracy.

Here a few tips to ace the Common Law Admission Test 2016 :

Tip 1: Make a phase-wise preparation plan
The easiest way to go about your CLAT preparation is to divide the entire CLAT 2016 syllabus in various phases, as per your convenience. You can take advice from the CLAT experts to know how you should go about preparing for CLAT from concept clarity to increasing your speed of solving question while taking mock tests regularly.

Tip 2: Practice CLAT 2016 mock papers online
Now that CLAT 2016 will be held online, you must be proficient enough to navigate through the online test. Practicing online at least thrice in a week would increase your speed and will give you the feel of an actual CLAT 2016 exam.

Tip 3: Practice for CLAT using calculator on screen
You might have a calculator on your desktop’s screen. Practice like this when solving online CLAT mock tests to get familiar with the navigation between the test paper and calculator. This helps you in being efficient and completing the paper within time.

Tip 4: Solve maximum questions on Legal Aptitude/Legal Reasoning
Legal Aptitude is considered one of the most important sections in CLAT 2016, therefore, solve maximum questions on it. Your ability to reason out problems must be excellent and whether it is an easy question or a difficult one, you must be familiar with every type.

Tip 5: Start solving small set of questions
To gain good problem-solving speed, try solving a small set of questions. Initially, avoid solving full-length papers because chances are you might still be learning new concepts, and may not know a lot of question types in lengthy tests. It could be discouraging also. Solving small question sets will also help you enhance your speed.

Tip 6: Track your progress
Concentrate on every subject and prepare a track plan. Write down all the targeted concepts of the week and number of questions you will practice under each concept. Try and meet your weekly targets.

Tip 7: Work on your weaknesses
Practice is the key to success! If you have doubts on any section, discuss it with your fellow aspirants or teachers. Keep solving CLAT mock tests series till you are confident about the section.

Tip 8: Keep yourself updated with current affairs
Your general knowledge must be sound when determined to crack CLAT. Keep an eye on everyday’s happening, read editorials and refer to good GK books and CLAT current affairs online

Tip 9: Distress!
Don’t keep yourself busy with preparation all the time. Between practicing mock tests, take small breaks to listen to music or to take a stroll. Relax your mind and take a good, sound 8-hour sleep before the final day of exam.

So this will help you to crack CLAT 2016 with high scores .


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