7 ways to boost IBPS PO Preparation

boost IBPS PO Preparation

Crack IBPS PO Exam: Read How to boost IBPS PO Preparation. 7 ways to boost your IBPS PO Exam Preparation.

7 ways to Crack IBPS PO Preparation

IBPS PO Exam is one of the sought-after Bank exams. Many graduates prepare for the exam in the best way possible to crack it. The perks that come with the PO are such, which most graduates look forward to grab the opportunity before it is too late. Dreaming about a job is not the way to grab it; candidates need to prepare well to successfully pass out with flying colours. The aspirants must be aware of the syllabus as well as pattern of the IBPS PO Examination. This article brings in 7 ways to boost IBPS PO Preparation on to the table.

How to Crack IBPS PO 2018 in First attempt?

Many of you have attended SBI PO Exam this year. May be, for some of yours the exam didn’t go well. Don’t feel disappointed because IBPS PO is going to be your second chance. However, at this point, it is essential that you get a hold of yourself and start preparing for IBPS PO Exam 2018 now. IBPS generally follows the footsteps of SBI, so it would be better if you start your preparation right now. This is the right time to start your preparation and score good in the IBPS PO exam.

IBPS PO Selection Process:

The Selection process in IBPS Comprises of Preliminary exam, Mains exam and interview. Candidates who clear the Preliminary exams will qualify for the mains exam and those who qualify in the mains exam will appear for the interview. Candidates will finally be selected for IBPS PO.

  • IBPS PO Prelims Exam
  • IBPS PO Mains Exam
  • Interview

You need to get a proper insight of your strong and weak points. Therefore check the tips and tricks to Crack IBPS PO 2018 below.

Tips and tricks to Crack IBPS PO 2018

Ways to boost IBPS PO Preparation:

  1. Syllabus & Study Plan :

Firstly, make a study plan into weeks and then into days as well. This would ensure that the syllabus is covered properly. The break-down of syllabus should have a mix of easy, moderate and difficult topics. Also Check the previous year Cut off of IBPS PO to set your own goal.

IBPS PO Cut Off 2017
  1. Pomodoro Technique :

It is a time management philosophy which aims to provide the user with maximum freshness of mind and optimum focus on the subject to finish the project faster with less mental fatigue. The user needs to allow 5 minutes of break after 25 minutes of study. Each 25 minute work period is called pomodoro. Like that, if four pomodoros passed, it would be a 15-20 minutes of break. Refresh yourself, take a walk. Be prepared with the Exam Preparation.

IBPS PO Exam Preparation 2018
  1. Mock Tests :

Using all your time only in preparation would not help if you’re not assessing yourself. It is a good practice to take mock tests while you are preparing and finishing the set goals. This helps in improving accuracy and speed. You can check your weaker areas and prepare better. So, take mock tests, online tests, and previous years’ papers.

Take FREE IBPS PO Mock Test

  1. English & GK :

A lot of aspirants assume that GK and English can be taken care of. It would not need much of preparation. You are wrong if you think so. General Awareness and test of English language can be scoring. Preparing for GK in a way also helps in enhancing your vocabulary. So, your general knowledge as well as a bit of preparation for English is covered.

Practice Sets of GK and English IBPS PO 2018
  1. Stay connected :

Allocate some time to read motivational books, inspirational and success stories. Get connected to the people who are preparing for such Bank exams. Group study helps in exchanging information and you may come across tips and tricks to solve questions. Join the online forums related to; you get to know something you have not known till date.

  1. Relax and Refresh :

Do not become sedentary by sticking only to your study plan. Take a day off from your busy study schedule and go to a movie, refresh and energize yourself. Do not ever over load with studies; give some time the brain from preparation.

  1. Do not be Overwhelmed :

There will always be a few things that you might miss out. There will be a few books that you may not able to refer as well. So, do not be plagued with the feeling that you have missed something. Remember, understanding of the concept matters rather than the number of books you have gone through.

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Follow these tips and strategies to boost IBPS PO Preparation. Keep visiting us regularly for more study plan updates. If You have any query then write us in the comment section below.


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