30 Days Strategy IAS Prelims exam: UPSC CSE (IAS) Exam 2017

30 Days Strategy IAS Prelims exam

30 Days Strategy IAS Prelims exam – Get here UPSC CSE (IAS) Prelims exam Last 30 days preparation tips, tricks & Strategy.

30 Days Strategy IAS Prelims exam

UPSC CSE (IAS) Prelims: Last 30 Days Revision Strategy

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) CSE – Civil Service Exam Prelims are approaching and with only 30 days left for the exam here is the revision strategy. This is one of the top competitive exams for those candidates who aspire to take up a career as IAS officers and similar cadres.

Revision strategy for the last 30 days

When you know that there is exactly one month left for the exam, you should change your timetable to a new one which enables you to revise every subject, chapter and important points that you have prepared till now.

  1. Core Topics: Now that you have a limited time, stick to the core topics i.e. no more exploring. The important areas of the subjects like Current affairs, Environment and Ecology, Geography, Modern History, Art  & culture, polity, and economy should be focused. For instance, a constitutional structure in polity should be revised well. Similarly, in every subject choose what is more important. After gaining complete confidence on each topic, you may move on to the next ones. Remember two points:
  • Don’t search for new references which will mess you up
  • Read the newspaper every day

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  1. Practice: As you know the aptitude test needs a lot of practice. So you should not stop practicing in the name of revision. Revision schedule should also include rigorous practice in the last 30 days. Practice the questions in previous year papers as well as model question papers in order to know your weaknesses. Practice gives you consistency along with confidence
  2. Discipline: One important thing for any UPSC aspirant is discipline. Schedule and follow you’re routine proper. Be punctual in sitting down to studies, eating food, sleeping and waking up. Maintain a 60:40 ratio for revision and new topic. You should know the topics thoroughly to answer properly in the exam so everything should be covered.
  3. Do not strain yourself: For the last one month do not strain your mind. Be positive and do the revision in a calm manner. If you take too much stress and think you still have so many topics pending, you will not be able to focus on even the topic you are reading. So it is important not to stress yourself.

In the prelims exam, you have to recall what you have studied and recognized the questions properly to be successful.


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