2016 CTET Exam Review

CTET 2016 Exam Review - CTET Exam Analysis

The most awaited CTET Examination 2016 got over yesterday on 21st Feb. Have you all attended the test well? Now the exam is over and it is time for some rest. A sign of relief in everyone’s mind. Yes you all might be feeling relaxed and comfortable. But, the results of CTET are yet to come. That is a big day for all the candidates appeared for the test yesterday.  But now let us see how the CTET 2016 Examination was.

CTET Exam was conducted successfully and nearly 8 Lakh candidates appeared for the test in different cities in India. According to the quick survey conducted after the exam, the students happened to say that the test was average. Some candidates found the CTET 2016 Exam easier than the test in 2015.

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The only problem occurred was the cancellation of the CTET Exam in the state of Haryana due to some administrative obstacles.  But you do not have to worry. The new dates for the exam will be announced by CBSE soon for the candidates applied in Haryana.

The sections of Social Science and Mathematics were found difficult to the majority of the students. Questions from all the 5 sections of CTET were on the paper. The number of questions was 150 out of which the section of Child Development & Pedagogy had 30 questions; Social Science & Mathematics were of 60. Likewise, Language 1 and Language 2 together had 60 questions.

CBSE will publish the complete question paper very soon on the website. Keep a track on the latest news and other information on the official website of CTET. Hope all your hard work and preparation for the CTET Exam was useful. It is sure that a number of candidates will come out with good results who will become talented teachers of future.

Note: The candidates applied in the region of Haryana should check the website of CTET daily. Anytime the new date for your CTET Examination 2016 will be declared.


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