10 Tips to crack CTET 2016

CTET PReparation tips for february 2016 exam

CTET 2016 is a week ahead. All the candidates might be half way or almost done with the preparations. But are you still circling around with tension, stress, lack of sleep and confusion?

Thinking how you can crack your CTET Examination now? Relax and take a deep breath. Here are top 10 tips to crack CTET 2016 on first attempt. These tips will surely help you do your best in the exam.

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10 Tips to Crack CTET 2016 on first attempt.

1) Check if you are studying from the correct books. The right books can always give you a good head start. Never make a wrong choice.

2) Increase your confidence level. Confidence plays a great role in preparing and appearing for the CTET Exam with perfection. The best option to enhance your confidence is to practice a maximum number of previous years CTET question papers.

3) The CTET Examination Structure is important for your preparation. So try to understand the structure of CTET 2016 well. You should know that CTET is not an online examination. There will be 5 sections in the paper. Prepare each section by evaluating its importance level.

4) Preparing short notes is another important thing you should follow. While preparing for your exam, try making short notes for each subject.

5) The CTET Examination duration is 2 and half hours. Keep this in mind and attend the exam. To finish your exam on time, try practicing mock tests online. Make sure that you take on 1 minute to attend a single question. You will finish your test before time after practicing 5 or 6 mock tests.

6) Spend more time on the section- Pedagogy. The Majority of the questions will come from Child Development and Pedagogy. So these questions will be enough for you to gain good marks.

7) Never try to overload yourself with a lot of information. This can lead you to stress again.

8) Get enough sleep and rest every day, especially the night before your CTET Exam. Proper rest and relaxation can give you a healthy mind.

9) Do not read a lot right before your exam. Make use of the short notes you have prepared at this time.

10) Reach the CTET Examination Hall early to listen to all the instructions given by the examiner. In all CTET Exams, the instructions are fundamental.


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