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CUET Exam Format Revised for 2023

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : January 17, 2023



CUET 2022 was successfully concluded with 9,68,201 students appearing for the exam. 

It is expected that the following years will see many more universities participating in the CUET exam and will have a larger number of students taking the exam. 

With the growing importance of this exam, here are a few latest updates you must be aware of - if you are planning to appear for CUET 2023.

CUET 2023 Exam Format Revised

CUET was the second largest exam conducted for such a large scale of students for the first time. 

This year around 90 universities participated in CUET exams, and admission to these universities was solely based on the scores obtained in CUET. 

The CUET admission concludes shortly for the academic year 2022, and it is anticipated that classes for UG programs will begin by November 2022. 

With the arrival of CUET 2023, Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar, the Chairman of UGC and Vice-chancellor of DU Yogesh Singh, has announced that the CUET exam will be conducted twice from next academic year. 

This has raised concerns amongst students not knowing if they have to attempt CUET twice. 

Students can take the exam once or twice; that is a personal choice. 

In his interview with India Today, DU Yogesh Singh said that a student can appear once or twice for CUET 2023. 

The NTA will calculate CUET scores based on the best of the 2 performances. 

It is advised that students attempt the CUET exam 2023 twice for a better score. 


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