English Language | High Frequency Words (HFW) - IV | By Anuja Ma'am
English Language | High Frequency Words (HFW) - IV | By Anuja Ma'am

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Priyanka Great experience!!
Bhanu Tak Superclass ....!! Ma'am, you are a great teacher..... . Here is something I want to tell from some of the last classes that In our first class with HFW, we don't use PPT, And it was the Best Class till now because we get a feeling of learning in offline class. I know that you were also not in the fever of it but some students said that some spellings are not clear on board, we can do one thing (just suggestion) we just do the class as we did on the first day and after class, you just send us the pdf of words so we can just recheck our spelling. In this way, all student will recap all words at least for checking😅😅 thanks ma'am
Soumya Deouskar Great class as always!
Soumya Agrawal Great experience. I would suggest that there should be an option for changing the position of chat window in full screen as well as size.
Mangesh Gaidhane Ma'am your ways of making us remember words are incredible.