CLAT Gold | General Knowledge | Israel Palestine Dispute | by Swapnil Sir
CLAT Gold | General Knowledge | Israel Palestine Dispute | by Swapnil Sir

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Manasa sir explains really well complete 360 degrees analysis is fabulous but want more of sir clsses becz each topic takes alot of time of becoz deep analysis and not able to cover a alot of other relevant issuses from sept and it would be grt if sir takes monthly wise all most impt relevent issues
Chaitanya Paarijaat Mudgal Please increase the frequency of current affairs classes by Swapnil sir because we have a lot to cover
Ronit ADMIN TEAM PLEASE INCREASE THE FREQUENCY OF THE CLASS AS C.A is quite vast and new developments keep happening everyday and we still have to cover older topics from September on wards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shwetang Mishra to the admin team-> we need more sessions on critical reasoning and current affairs as we have a lot to cover. soo pls increase the weekly frequency of these matters. THANK YOU

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