Coal India Limited is going to conduct the CIL MT Exam soon on February 27th and 28th,2020. It is a must for the candidates to stay prepared fully and solve as Previous year papers as much as possible. Hence, we are providing you with the CIL MT Memory Based Papers of Previous years that will help you to upgrade your preparation level and increase your chances of selection in the upcoming exam 2020.

  • Go through the official CIL MT Exam Analysis for an in-depth understanding of the question patterns
  • Solving the CIL MT 2020 Memory Based Paper will help you decide in a better way which topics to prepare more and which not.
  • It is important for the candidates to go through the CIL MT Syllabus and exam pattern in a proper way
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CIL MT Memory Based Paper 2020

Go through the complete article to get the previous year's CIL MT Memory Based Question Paper PDF from below. This will help you to revise in the last days just before the exam.

CIL MT Mock Test Series

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CIL MT Memory Based Paper (2011 Exam)

The questions and answers below are from the 2011 question paper of CIL MT conducted by Coal India Limited.

1. Balance Modulator Suppress


2.Which cannot demodulate SSB

Ans-Product Detector

3.Q Meter is based on

Ans-Series Resonance

4. A System is critically Damped if system gain increase, what will happen?

Ans-It will be underdamped

5.a meter range is 0-50 mA then Sensitivity will be


6.Wave Guide acts as


7.Yagi Uda

Ans-TV Reception Antenna


9.Calculate Zo if Zoc and ZSc given

10. A High Q has

Ans- A low BW

11.Unit of conductivity


12.Inductance in series


13.Energy Band Gap of SI

Ans-1.1 EV

14.the value of Delta n/w is given 5,15,30.Calculate Wye n/w


15.Usage of Schottky Diode

Ans-High Voltage Rectification

16. Ideal Opamp IS

Ans-Voltage controlled voltage source

17. eBRESS MOLL model applicable to 

Ans-BJT make N-Type


19.Audio and Amplifier audio use-

Ans-Ferite Corew

20.Main switching Element in SMPS is?


CIL MT Memory Based Paper (2017-18 Exam) for General Awareness Section

The candidates are suggested to solve the CIL MT Mock Test Series 2020 to increase their accuracy and speed on the exam day.

Go through the questions and answers below from the 2017-18 question paper of CIL MT conducted by Coal India Limited for the General Awareness Section.

1. Current Lok Sabha Speaker-

Ans-Sumatra Mahajan

2. Full-Form of IDBI Bank-

Ans-Industrial Development Bank of India

3. India's longest Cycling Track-

Ans-Uttar Pradesh

4. RAM Full Form-

Ans-Random Access Memory

5.King Ghannand replaced by

Ans-Chandragupta Maurya

6. Current CJI at the time -

Ans-Jagdish Singh Khehar

7. ICC Chairman resigned then-

Ans-Shashank Manohar

8. Wipro CEO-

Ans-Abidali Neemuchwala

9.Dronacharya Award Winner in Gymnastics-

Ans-Bishweshwar Nandi

10. Gobi Desert

11. Vice President of India's Eligibility

12. Powers of PM

13. Loktak Lake Manipur

14. Bafta Award-LA la Land

15. Schedule 11- Panchayat

16. 24th Tirthankar-


17. JalliKattu-

Ans-Tamil Nadu

18. Infosys-


19. UK PM-

Ans-Teresa May

20. Attorney General of India etc.

CIL MT 2020 Memory Based Paper(2017-18) for Civil Engineering Section

Go through the questions below from the 2017-18 question paper of CIL MT conducted by Coal India Limited for the Civil Engineering Section

  1. Web Stiffeners
  2. Rabi Crop/Kharib Crop
  3. Compaction of Soil
  4. Water Absorption in Bricks
  5. Ranking Theory of Rank Pressure Assumption
  6. Load Carrying Capacity of the group of piles
  7. Free Float in CPM
  8. GIS Usage
  9. Shear Lag Effect
  10. Field Test for Permeability
  11. Satellite Velocity
  12. Triangulation Survey
  13. Zeolite Process, Lime Soda Process
  14. Photogrammetric Surveying
  15. Carbon Monoxide's effect on Human Organ etc.

CIL MT 2020 Memory Based Paper(2017-18) for Mechanical Engineering Section

Go through the questions below from the 2017-18 question paper of CIL MT conducted by Coal India Limited for the Mechanical Engineering Section

  1. The process that uses Metallic Mould
  2. Number of Elements in Tool Designation
  3. MML on Tolerance
  4. The parameter that cannot be controlled in ECM
  5. A fixture that is used for Cylindrical Shape
  6. The expression for Joule Thomson Coefficient etc.


Will the exam be conducted offline also?

No,the exam will be conducted only in the online mode.

How many papers do the CIT MT Exam consists of?

The exam consists of two papers:: Paper 1(General Aptitude) and Paper 2(Professional Knowledge)

Where can I find the detailed section-wise CIT MT EXam Review 2020?

You can find the detailed Section-wise CIT MT Analysis 2020 in the article above.Go through the difficulty level,the cut off ,the questions asked and more in the article above.

What do the CIL MT Exam Paper 1 consist of?

CIL MT Exam Paper 1 consists of 100 MCQ Objective Type Questions asked on the General Awareness,English,Numeriacal Abilty and Reasoning Topics

What do the CIL MT Exam Paper 2 consists of?

CIL MT Exam Paper 2 consists of 100 Questions on Technical Subjects-Civil Engineering/Electrical Engineering/IT Engineering/Mechanical Engineering