BPPSC has finally conducted the Bihar Police Constable Exam today. The recruitment is for 11880 constable posts.

Bihar Constable Exam 2019-20 was an offline mode exam with 100 questions. The exam followed the basic exam pattern as the previous years'.

Bihar Constable Exam Analysis 2020 includes the information about the level of the exam and questions asked for students preparing for the exam for the next year.

The Bihar Constable 2020 Exam Analysis and question-answers discussed below will help candidates to analyze their performance in the exam as well.

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Bihar Police Constable Exam Analysis 2020

Bihar Police Constable Exam 2020 for Shift 1 was of easy to moderate difficulty level as per the student's review. The overall good attempts as per the students are 70-80 out of the 100 questions asked.

As per the detailed Bihar Police Constable Exam Review, the selection of subjects played a crucial role this year. Maths was the easiest amongst all the subjects.

The current affairs asked in the exam were based on the events from the past year. The students add on that the questions asked in the exam were similar to the previous year papers.

Given below is the overview of the Bihar Police Constable Shift 1 Exam Analysis 2020:

  • There were 5-6 questions from polity (GA topic).
  • Students had to answer 10 questions from General Sciences.
  • Geography covered 3-4 questions from the total questions asked.
  • Maths section was easy in comparison to other subjects in the exam.
  • There were 3 questions related to Census 2011 in the exam.

Bihar Police Constable Shift 1 Question Paper with Answers

There were 100 questions in total in the exam. The questions were in both Hindi and English.

The minimum qualifying marks for the exam are 30%. Here are a few questions asked in the exam along with answers. Also, download the complete question paper for Bihar Police Constable:

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  • When did Vasco Da Gama arrive in India? -1498
  • Which of the following books is written by Swami Dayanand Saraswati?-Satyarth Prakash
  • What is the molar mass of heavy water? -20
  • Electricity conducting material?
  • AIDS disease occurs due to? Virus
  • Which Vitamin is responsible for Blood clotting? Ans. Vitamin K
  • Why is the color of sky blue?
  • Due to the effect of which acid does one have pain in muscles?
  • Whi rules after Qutubbudin Aibak? Illtutmish
  • Lok Sabha speaker resigns to which authority?
  • Who was the First vice president of India?
  • Summer Olympics 2020 will be held in which country?
  • What is the name of Lata Mangeshkar's father? Ans. Deenanath Mangeshkar