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Distinctive Features of COMMERCEDGE Live Online Classes


Benefits 10+ Years of Experience and 3,000+ Students Trained

Benefits 495+ CBSE School Toppers

Benefits Result Oriented Approach

BenefitsPartner Brand of The Most Trusted CLAT Prep Brand LegalEdge across the Nation

About the Classroom Sessions

Benefits 250+ Hours of Live Online Classes

Benefits Live Doubt Clearing during the Classroom Sessions

Benefits Self-Paced Live Online Sessions

Benefits Regular Sessions with Qualified Students

Benefits Focus not just on 'What to Learn' but also 'What to Leave’

About our Fantastic Modules & Prep Content

Benefits 8+ TSMs (Toppers’ Study Material) covering theory + Hundreds of Practice Questions

Benefits 15+ Subject-wise Sample Papers

Benefits Regular Competition (To bring a little fun to your prep)

Benefits Practice Sheets

& Everything Else which makes CE #1

Benefits Doubt Clearing Group on Telegram for Real Time Doubt Clearing

Benefits Regular Student Satisfaction Surveys

Benefits Short Tricks Sessions

Benefits Statistical Analysis of your Performance

Benefits Periodic quizzes on the Telegram Doubt Clearing Groups

Benefits Stream the Live Classes on Mobile, Laptop or Tablet

Our Mentors (COMMERCEDGE):

Mr. Shah Nawaz Rayeen

Mr. Shah Nawaz Rayeen

(Accountancy & Business Studies)
  • Master’s of Accountancy and a Management specialist with 9+ years of teaching experience in CBSE/ISC Commerce Boards Preparations.
  • Has given 495+ Accountancy School Toppers and 100 Marks holders in CBSE/ISC Boards.
  • One of the most acclaimed mentors in the industry known for concept building, master tricks, unique preparation strategies and corporate case-studies, Shah Nawaz Sir has given numerous rank holders in CA, CS and Commerce Boards Examinations since 2011.
Mr. Lokesh Muley

Mr. Lokesh Muley

(Economics & Business Studies)
  • Gold Medallist in Economics and a graduate with specialization in Management from Bhopal, He is one of the most renowned Economics & Business Studies Coach, mentoring 1000+ kids since 2011.
  • Owing to his great experience and vast knowledge due to his exposure to teaching Economics and Business Studies/Management for various exams and a sound understanding of concepts, Lokesh Sir delivers his lectures in an intuitive fashion, so that the students can accept, appreciate and assimilate them readily and smoothly in their preparation.
Mr. Siddhant Singh

Mr. Siddhant Singh

(Accountancy & Business Studies)
  • Hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounts (Honors) and a Qualified Company Secretary with 5 years of Corporate and 10 years of Teaching and Mentoring Experience to students of CBSE/ISC and College level.
  • Also have experience in conducting various Motivational Lectures and Grooming Sessions on different platforms at Schools and College Level.

12th COMMERCEDGE Subscription Batch Plans (March 2021 – February 2022)

Batch Name Batch Launching Date Batch Tenure Batch Features
Year Long Batch 06th April Till Exam

250+ Hours of Online Class

Access of all the batches at COMMERCEDGE

Recorded Class Access

PDF Notes (Concept Sheets)

Printed Notes (Concept Sheets)

PDF Notes (Practice Sheets)

Printed Notes (Practice Sheets)

12+ Full Length Tests with solutions

5 Mock Test Access

Chapter wise Tests

Unlimited Doubts Clearing

Rapid Revision Batch 1st week of October 2 Months

60+ Hours of Online Class

PDF Notes (Concept Sheets)

PDF Notes (Practice Sheets)


12+ Full Length Tests with solutions

5 Mock Test Access

Chapter wise Tests

Crash Course 1st week of January 1 Month

45+ Hours of Online Class

Recorded Class Access

PDF Notes (Concept Sheets)

PDF Notes (Practice Sheets)

12+ Full Length Tests with solutions

5 Mock Test Access

Chapter wise Tests

Mock Test Series 2nd week of January 45 Days

- 15 Mocks (5 Test Per Pubject Each)

Unlimited Doubts Clearing

Sample Paper Series Batch 1st Week, February 10 Days

15 Sample Papers of Accounts, Economics & Business Studies

Video Analysis of Sample Papers

E-Books Access

Standard Answer key of Sample Papers

Unlimited Doubts Clearing

Most Important Question Series 2nd Week, February 1 Week

120+ Most Important Questions

Live Practice Class for Accounts & Business Studies

Chapter wise Tests

Unlimited Doubts Clearing

Number of Sessions Subject-wise:

S. No. Subject No. of Sessions
1 Accountancy 80
2 Economics 74
3 Business Studies 36


1. Non-Profit Organisations 8
2. Partnership Fundamentals 8
3. Nature & Valuation of Goodwill 3
4. Change In Profit Sharing Ratio 4
5. Admission of a Partner 8
6. Retirement & Death of a Partner 8
7. Dissolution of Partnership Firm 5
8. Issue of Shares 8
9. Issue of Debentures 3
10. Redemption of Debentures 3
11. Financial Statements of a Company 3
12. Analysis of Financial Statements 3
13. Comparative & Common Size Statements 3
14. Accounting Ratios 5
15. Cash Flow Statement 8
1. Circular Flow of Income 4
2. National Income Aggregates 3
3. Measurement of National Income 8
4. Money 3
5. Banking 3
6. Aggregate Demand & Supply 6
7. Income Determination & Multiplier 4
8. Excess & Deficient Demand 3
9. Government Budget 3
10. Foreign Exchange Rate 3
11. Balance of Payment 3
12. Indian Economy on the eve of Independence 3
13. Indian Economy 1950-1991 4
14. Economic Reforms 3
15. Poverty 3
16. Rural Development 3
17. Human Capital Formation 3
18. Employment 3
19. Infrastructure 3
20. Human Capital Formation 3
21. Comparative Development Experience of Neighbors 3
Business Studies
1. Nature and Significance of Management 3
2. Principles of Management 3
3. Business Environment 3
4. Planning 3
5. Organising 3
6. Staffing 3
7. Directing 3
8. Controlling 3
9. Financial Management 3
10. Financial Market 3
11. Marketing Management 3
12. Consumer's Protection 3

Subject-wise Complete Syllabus as per CBSE:

CBSE Class 12th ACCOUNTANCY Syllabus:
  • Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations - 10 Marks
  • Accounting for Partnership Firms- 35 Marks
  • Accounting for Companies- 15 Marks
  • Analysis of Financial Statements- 12 Marks
  • Cash Flow Statement- 8 Marks
CBSE Class 12th ECONOMICS Syllabus:
  • National Income and Related Aggregates - 10 Marks
  • Money and Banking- 06 Marks
  • Determination of Income and Employment- 12 Marks
  • Government Budget and the Economy- 6 Marks
  • Balance of Payments- 6 Marks
  • Development Experience (1947-90) and Economic Reforms since 1991- 12 Marks
  • Current Challenges facing Indian Economy- 22 Marks
  • Development Experience of India – A Comparison with Neighbours- 06 Marks
  • Nature and Significance of Management , Principles of Management, Business Environment - 16 Marks
  • Planning and Organizing- 14 Marks
  • Staffing, Directing and Controlling- 12 Marks
  • Government Budget and the Economy- 20 Marks
  • Balance of Payments- 6 Marks
  • Financial Management and Financial Markets- 15 Marks
  • Marketing Management and Consumer Protection- 22 Marks
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